Google Play Now Supports Purchase Requests Meant for Kids

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Google Play Store already has an option for users to set up a family account and have ‘family managers’ make purchases for kids. To make things easy when there isn’t a family account, Google Play now has the opinion to request payments. Have a look at what this is all about.

Google Play Gets the Purchase Request Feature

The new Purchase Requests feature will let kids under 13 (or other family members too) request their family managers to allow payments for apps and games. Google, in a blog post, says, “Many families come to Google Play to find apps and games for everyone in the household to enjoy. Now we’re adding a new easier way for families to safely purchase both paid apps and in-app purchases.

Once the request is received, the family manager can look into it, know about the app and game to be purchased, and then choose to accept it or not. If the request is accepted, then the family manager can use his or her payment methods (even Google Play gift cards) to make the purchase. The family manager will also get an email to confirm the purchase made.

Google Play Purchase Requests

Additionally, there will be notifications for the purchase requests but in case it is missed, users can find it in an approval request queue.

Google, via a support page, suggests that the option to request purchases will be applicable for paid apps and in-app purchases. It won’t include subscriptions, Google Play Books, and other options. It is also revealed that the feature is specifically meant for users who don’t have a family account. Plus, it will require the family manager to own an Android device.

The feature would prove useful for people to rely on a member of the family to make purchases on their behalf. Do let us know if this feature is useful for you in the comments below.

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