Google Made a Mini Easter-Egg Game for the Play Store

Google hot air balloon game for play store

While Alphabet’s solar-powered balloons are now beaming internet to underdeveloped areas, Google is busy developing a hot-air balloon game to enjoy when your internet is down. Much like the popular T-Rex runner game in Google Chrome, the tech giant has developed a mini-game for the Play Store.

Earlier this year, popular feature hunters Jane Manchun Wong and Alessandro Paluzzi discovered a mini-game for users to enjoy on the Play Store when there is no network connection. It shows up when users open the Google Play Store without an internet connection.

Normally, when you open the Play Store without an internet connection, it simply asks you to retry loading the content. However, some users are now seeing a listing for the game at the bottom when accessing the store without internet. So, if the game is available for you, it will prompt you to “play while you wait” for your internet to restore.

Play the Hot-Air Balloon Game on the Play Store

Tapping the “Play” button will open up the game and you can start playing it on your Android device right away. It is a simple game in which you control a hot-air balloon with your fingers to dodge spikey platforms and collect bubbles and other power pickups.

Google hot air balloon game for play store

The UI is pretty similar to the T-Rex runner game in Chrome and has a monochrome design. Moreover, the game comes with pixelated elements to give the feel of playing a retro arcade game on your mobile device.

You can check out the game in action in the video below.

Now, do keep in mind that this game has not rolled out for every user and might not be available for you to enjoy right now. However, reports state that the game has been in testing since June of this year and has started to roll out for more users recently. So, we are hoping to see the hot-air balloon game roll out globally by the end of this year or the beginning of the next year.

VIA Android Police
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  • This seems interesting. Amongst all the heavy end games, such simplistic games are always welcomed.

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