google messages RCS encryption

Google Messages Now Lets You Change Font Size with Pinch to Zoom Gesture

google messages RCS encryption

Google Messages is getting a handy feature that users have been demanding for years. And it’s the ability to change the font size with a simple pinch to zoom gesture. As first spotted by users on the r/androidapps subreddit and highlighted on Twitter by XDA’s Mishaal Rahman, the feature seems to be widely rolling out on Google Messages app.

Increase Font Size in Google Messages

To get started, all you have to do is pinch out while you are on the conversations page. Similarly, you can pinch in to reduce the font size if needed.  Check out the feature in action below:

Oddly enough, this doesn’t affect the home screen of the Messages app. If you would like to adjust the font size of the home screen, you will have to rely on your phone’s settings. To change your phone’s font size, open the Settings app and navigate to Display -> Font size.

While this might seem like an insignificant change to many, it’s a huge improvement when it comes to the accessibility aspect. It should help people who have trouble reading small text sizes. If you are someone who doesn’t need a large font size all the time but prefers having an enlarged version during conversations, this new feature is likely to suit your needs.

When I checked, the feature was present in Google Messages beta version 8.2.043. As per user reports, it is also available in the stable channel. One Reddit user says they got the feature in Google Messages version 8.3.025. Going by this, Google is seemingly making a server-side rollout to enable the feature. If you are not seeing it, try updating the app from Play Store.

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