You Can Chat with Gemini Directly in Chrome’s Search Bar; Here’s How

In Short
  • You can chat with Gemini right from Chrome's search bar.
  • Type "@" and select "Chat with Gemini" to continue your conversation.
  • The feature is currently available to Chrome desktop users only.

Google is swiftly integrating AI features into Chrome. Earlier, Google announced three new AI features for Chrome including Write Better, theme generation using AI, and smart tab organization. And now the search giant has integrated Gemini directly into Chrome’s search bar. Yes, you read that right and it works on the latest stable version of Chrome Desktop.

You have to simply type “@” in Chrome’s search bar and choose “Chat with Gemini”. Now, you can type your prompt into the search bar and hit Enter. It will take you to Gemini’s portal and generate a response instantly. Pretty seamless, isn’t it?

This will reduce the friction greatly and users can quickly prompt Gemini and ask queries without having to open the Gemini portal. I would have loved it if Google added a Tab search to Gemini’s website. X (formerly Twitter) has this cool tab search where you type in the address bar, and hit the “Tab” key to search whatever you want. No need to launch the website to perform a search query.

YouTube also had this feature, but Google removed it at some point. It would have been awesome if Gemini allowed quick search via the “Tab” key. Nevertheless, with “@”, you can summon Gemini into Chrome’s search bar whenever you want. Bear in mind that you must be signed into your Google account to use this feature and currently, it’s only available to Chrome desktop users. Here’s how it works.

  • Make sure you have the latest version of Google Chrome (version 124.0.6367.119 or later). It works on the stable version as well.
  • Next, type “@” in Chrome’s search bar and select “Chat with Gemini”.
chat with gemini in chrome's search bar
  • After that, enter your query and hit Enter.
enter your prompt to ask gemini in chrome search bar
  • There you go! Gemini will generate a response right away.
gemini responds on its portal

I like Google’s approach to AI integration into Chrome. It’s a useful addition and would help users get quick access to Google’s AI model. If you want to try out a new web browser, check out Arc for Windows 11. We reviewed it recently and found its UI/UX quite interesting.

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