After adding dynamic emails to Gmail on Android and iOS last December, Google is expanding the functionality to support Drive’s permission requests. Thanks to this expansion, you can now manage Drive file access requests right from Gmail without leaving the page.

As Google explains in its announcement post, you will receive a dynamic email when someone requests access to a file present on your Google Drive. You can then set permissions (edit, comment, view rights) and grant access to the person – all within Gmail.

Image: Google

The previous flow involved opening the document in a new tab to manage the access request. With the new change, Google is simplifying the overall process and it can be considered a welcome addition. In fact, this goes in line with the company’s new strategy of offering deeper integration within its Google Workspace ecosystem.

Alongside this new feature addition, Google mentions that it is changing the ‘from’ address for access request emails. Going forward, Drive file access request emails will come from ‘’.

Google is bringing the feature to Gmail users on the web, Android, and iOS. This is applicable to both personal Google accounts and paid business users part of Google Workspace.

Users with dynamic email switched on will get the new experience by default. You can manage your dynamic email settings from Settings -> See all settings -> Dynamic email on Gmail. Google has already started rolling out the change but it may take up to 15 days for the feature to appear on your end.