Google Chrome for Android Gains Grid View and Tab Grouping Feature

google chrome tab groups

Google just recently started rolling out Chrome 88 with better security and tab search features. Now, the browser is adding the much-awaited tab grouping and grid view for tabs feature on Android.

Now, with this update, Chrome for Android is getting a new grid-like view for its tab-page. This means that instead of displaying the opened tabs as a scrollable list, the Android version of Chrome will now display them as small cards arranged in a grid. This is much like the iOS version of Chrome in which this grid-view for tabs has been available for quite some time now.

So, this new grid-view for tabs on Chrome for Android now allows users to form tab groups by stacking multiple tab-pages into a single card on the tab-view page. This way, users can create tab-groups of similar tabs or keep miscellaneous tabs in a single group while browsing the web on their Android devices.

Creating tab-groups is as easy as dragging and dropping tabs on top of each other or selecting “Group Tabs” from the overflow menu. There is also a new “Open in new tab in group” option for links and webpages on Chrome for Android. You can see it in action right here:

When users open a tab-group, they will be able to see the favicons of the webpages that are included in that tab-group at a bottom-bar, with the current one highlighted with a blue circle. They can tap each of them to instantly switch between the tabs in the group and also close any of them by tapping the “x” button on the favicons.

Now, there are some users who do not prefer the grid-view and are more comfortable with the list-view of the tabs. So, if you want to disable the grid-view and tab-grouping, you can do so using this link: chrome://flags/#enable-tab-grid-layout. Once the link opens up, tap the drop-down menu and select the “Disabled” option at the bottom to disable the grid-view of the tab-page.

The update that brings these features to Chrome for Android started rolling out with Chrome 88 for some users. However, now it seems the update is rolling for more users via a server-side switch.

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  • L says:

    Thank you! Tab grid view is awful.

  • SJP says:

    Hated this grid view, couldn’t get rid of it fast enough. Way too much scrolling if you like keeping a lot of tabs open. Blocks too small. MUCH easier to have tabs vertically stacked, gives quicker scrolling and a longer line of type across the top of each tab so it’s easy to read what the page is. Fortunately I was able to find instructions for getting rid of grid default and restoring vertical stack. Why doesn’t Chrome offer different options that are easy to choose between?

  • Bhupendra Dhami says:

    did you make your website on wordpress

  • Bhupendra Dhami says:

    did you make your website on wordpress?

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