Google Chrome 88 Brings Tab Search and Better Password Protection

Google chrome to add privacy features

In order to improve and secure the web browsing experience of users, Google has been working on new features and updates for its Chrome browser. Now, with the rollout of Chrome 88, the browser has gained support for tab search and more secure password protections.

Amongst these two new features, the improved password protection might be the biggest change in the browser that will ensure a secured web browsing experience for the users.

So, with these new updates, Chrome users will be able to turn their weak passwords into strong ones in the browser itself. This will be possible as Chrome will be able to detect weak passwords and suggest strong, complex passwords to users. So, the user will then be able to change their easily-guessable passwords into more secure ones and store them in the browser’s password manager.


Moreover, following this update, users will be able to manage all of their usernames and passwords in a dedicated section inside the browser settings. This will be initially possible on the desktop and the iOS versions of Chrome, with Android users getting it at a later time.

Apart from the privacy-focused features, Google will also add better dark theme support for the browser on Windows 10 devices, a new Chrome flag for tab search (which is already available on the Chromebook version), and less intrusive permission pop-ups.

Moreover, there will be a few under-the-hood changes in the browser which the company explained on its developer website. One of these updates will apply to the browser’s Digital Goods API, which will now allow web apps published on the Google Play Store to use the Play Store billing, much like native Android apps.

So, as you can imagine, a lot of new features will be making their way with this new update to Chrome 88. Google says that it will be pushing this update to the users sometime in the near future. So, if you are a heavy Chrome user, keep a tab (literally) on your browser’s settings to get the update in the coming days.

VIA XDA Developers
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