Google Rolls out an Emergency Update for Chrome to Fix Critical Security Vulnerabilities

Google Releases Chrome 100 Update with New Icon and Features

Google Rolls out an Emergency Update for Chrome to Fix Critical Security Vulnerabilities

As something most people have been looking forward to, Google has finally introduced the Chrome 100 update today. This major Chrome update brings many new features, which include a new app icon (a change after around 8 years), new security features, and more. Here’s a look at what Google has served us.

Chrome 100 Update: What’s New?

The first and foremost change is the new app icon. As announced previously, the new Chrome logo is all about a simpler look and tries to match Google’s “modern brand” vibe. This change has been made for the first time after the logo changed back in 2014.

While the Chrome icon retains the four-colored circular logo, it is now much brighter and with better proportions. It also comes with OS-specific personalization to deliver a tweaked icon for macOS, Windows, or Chrome OS. Google executive Elvin explained this is in a previous Twitter post.

chrome 100 update released

Chrome 100 also comes with a few security features such as Safety Check to ensure your passwords and browser are secure, Enhanced Safe Browsing to steer clear of malware, and the ability to control a website trying to access your location and more details. Google has also fixed over 28 security issues with the new Chrome 100 update, some of which were serious.

Chrome 100 on Android has also removed the Lite mode, which is used to let you browse the web without taking a strain on your mobile data. The data-saving mode loaded pages faster by using 60% lesser data. Plus, Chrome has now adapted to the Material You design on Android.

There’s also the Mute option on each tab to let people easily mute a website playing audio. This feature was also introduced earlier as part of the Canary update. Other changes include Multi-Screen Window Placement API for web apps to detect a secondary display, the pop-up to confirm if all tabs need to be closed (also tested previously), a three-digit user agent string, and more.

More details on the new features will be out soon. Google Chrome version 100.0.4896.60 is now available for users to download on macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS. Do let us know if you have access to the new Chrome 100 update in the comments below!


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