Google Assistant Will Soon Let You Make Payments with Just Your Voice

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As far as voice assistants go, the Google Assistant usually ranks right at the top in usability and features. Thanks to the abundant Google Assistant commands that you can use, and all the new features the company brings to it, using the Assistant gets easier and better all the time.

Now, Google is working on a new feature to make shopping using the Assistant seamless. According to a report from Android Police, the Assistant now offers you the choice to authorise payments using your voice. This means, you can use Voice Match to make payments using the Assistant.

For those who don’t know, you can shop using the Assistant right now as well. However, you have to confirm your identity using a fingerprint or face unlock on your smartphone. This adds an extra step especially when you are shopping from the Nest Hub or something. Now, with the Voice Match feature, you will be able to confirm using your voice.

Android Police spotted the option inside Payments settings in the Assistant settings. However, since Payments on Assistant aren’t available in India, I was unable to check this out for myself. While the feature sounds fairly useful, it does make me wonder about how foolproof it is. It is not that difficult to fool the Assistant into thinking you’re someone else. With payments being verified using Voice Match, it may just become too easy to make fraudulent payments.

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