This “Awesome” Glitch Adds “Rainbow” Colors to the Seek Bar of YouTube Videos

YouTube awesome glitch feat

Going through Reddit, one can find some pretty unusual tricks, glitches, or bugs of various websites. Similarly, while surfing Reddit today, I found an unusual feature or more accurately, a glitch of YouTube. This glitch turns the entire seek bar of a video you are watching to change its color from the default red to a multi-colored blinking line and its “awesome”.

The trick was shared in a post by Redditor u/CALAZ1986 on the r/google subreddit with a video showcasing the phenomenon. However, till now, I could not understand that if this is a feature or a bug of the video-sharing/streaming platform.

Well, maybe you can try it out yourself and then be the judge. And getting the “rainbow” seek bar on YouTube is pretty easy. However, keep in mind that you will need a device with a physical keyboard. So, this trick would not work on smartphones.

Now, to get the “rainbow” seek bar on YouTube, just open the website on your PC, Mac, or tablet with a physical keyboard. Then open any video and, without any typing area, type the word “awesome” on your keyboard while the video plays.

As soon as you type the word, you will see the seek bar of the video you just started going absolutely haywire with blinking colors. Apart from the seek bar, this “awesome” glitch also affects the tiny “HD” icon of the video.

YouTube awesome glitch 2

Now, for some vulnerable people, the rapidly blinking seek bar might initiate seizures. So if you feel that way after watching the blinking, turn it off immediately. Just type the word “awesome” again and it will come back to the default red color.

Now, I don’t know how to feel about this. Hell, I do not even understand that if this is a feature or a glitch. And why in the world the word “awesome” trigger this thing? So many questions and not enough answers.

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