Who is Ghoul in Fallout TV Show? Actor & Character Explained!

Amazon Prime’s new post-apocalyptic television series, Fallout, has introduced us to a plethora of incredible characters. However, one character who has blown everyone’s mind is not a protagonist but an antagonist (sort of) of the series. Yes, here, we are talking about the flaky-skinned and skull-nosed “The Ghoul.”

Who is The Ghoul in the Fallout TV Series?

Amazon Fallout TV show shot of Ghoul for ending explained
Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

Before the world got destroyed by nuclear bombs, The Ghoul was a human named Cooper Howard, who was one of the most celebrated actors in Hollywood. Before undergoing the ghoulified transformation, he was a person with high morals.

Howard was a good father, a good husband, and on top of everything, a genuine human being. He was also the first one to make an appearance in the series with his little daughter at a birthday party. However, his world comes crashing down when he goes inside the house to bring a piece of cake his little girl asked for.

While the apocalypse washed out the entire civilization, Howard, along with several others, went through “ghoulification,” a process caused by radiation exposure.

Given that Cooper Howard was in his 50s when he was a human, and we see him alive in his new form 219 years after the unfortunate incident (as mentioned in the TV series), his age might be somewhere between 250 and 260. Now, you must be wondering what kept him alive all these years. Well, it’s the yellow liquid serum that we see him consuming frequently in the TV series.

Howard was once a celebrity who gave autographs to renowned people, but in the present time, he is a ghoul who has to resort to dirty means to even survive. These include killing and torturing people.
However, that doesn’t mean Cooper, even as a Ghoul, is someone who is killing without a motive.

As Cooper Howard was a family man before falling prey to the ratification process, in his Ghoul life, finding his daughter and wife has been his main motive.

Who Plays “The Ghoul” in the Fallout TV Series?

The 52-year-old American actor Walton Goggins portrays the main antagonist of the show, i.e. The Ghoul. He has previously worked on several renowned projects, including Invincible, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and more.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Goggings revealed that he didn’t enquire anything about the character in detail when he was approached for the role. However, after reading the script, he just realized that “The Ghoul” is a super cool character, and that’s what intrigued him about the role.

Well, after watching Walton’s performance in Fallout, It would be fair to say that no one could have pulled off “The Ghoul” like he did.

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