Genshin Impact: Ruin Machine Core Locations and How to Use

In Short
  • Find the Ruin Machine core by defeating the Ruin Machines North of Qiaoying Village Teleport Waypoint.
  • Place the Ruin Machine Core inside the broken Ruin Guard to unlock the passage behind it.
  • Defeat the bandits and free the Strange Merchant inside the hidden cave.

Chenyu Valley is the latest addition to the ever-expanding map of Teyvat and it is filled with mysteries, puzzles, and chests. There is one puzzle north of Qiaoying Village, involving a sleeping Automaton blocking a path, which is causing quite a bit of issue for Genshin players. To move the Automaton, players need to use a Ruin Machine Core. Here is a complete guide on how to get a Ruin Machine core in Chenyu Vale and use it in Genshin Impact.

Ruin Machine Core Locations in Chenyu Vale

Ruin Machine Core Location Chenyu Vale

The Ruin Machine Core is located north of the Qiaoying Village. Head to the Teleport Waypoint near Qiaoying Village and start heading North, until you reach the area with three surrounding cliffs. Here you will find the Ruin Machines, defeat them to get the Exquisite Chest and it will reward you with the Ruin Machine Core.

Ruin Core Machine Defeat Ruin Machine

How to Use Ruin Machine Core in Chenyu Vale

After you have collected the Ruin Machine Core, you will need to insert it in the Ruin Guard blocking the path in a nearby cave. Head south from where you defeated the Ruin Machines until you see a cave on the right with the broken Ruin Guard. The cave will have a couple of bandits around, so that’s also a good indicator to locate it.

Ruin Guard Hidden cave Chenyu Vale

Now interact with the Ruin Guard and you will see an option to Place an item. Select the Ruin Machine Core from your inventory. This will fix the Ruin Guard and make it hostile. Defeat the Ruin Guard to unlock the hidden way behind him. Fixing the Ruin Guard will also award the Non-Hidden Backup Energy Source achievement.

Free Strange Merchant Chenyu Valley

Inside the hidden cave, you will find more bandits and the Mountain Kang mini-boss. Defeat him and then head further inside to find a caged Strange Merchant. Free the Strange Merchant and he will quickly leave the cave. Sadly, the merchant doesn’t reward anything for freeing him, but you will find two common chests and a precious chest inside the cave, which reap good rewards.

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