Genshin Impact Natlan Teased with Monsters and Environments

In Short
  • Genshin Impact released a teaser for Natlan, showcasing some of the monsters, landscapes and traversal mechanics.
  • Four new monsters were revealed in the teaser, named as Saurians.
  • The landscape of Natlan is a combination of Rocky mountains, green forests, rivers, and lava.

Genshin Impact 4.7 livestream just ended and alongside the upcoming 4.7 banner reveal, Hoyoverse shocked everyone by releasing a teaser for Natlan titled — Saurian Wanderings. Natlan is the next big region in Genshin, expected to release with version 5.0, and it is governed by the Pyro Archon. Here is a complete breakdown of the Genshin Impact Natlan teaser.

Genshin Impact Natlan Expected Release Date

Natlan is the 6th major region of Teyvat and is expected to release with Genshin Impact version 5.0. This region is governed by the Pyro Archon Murata, who is nicknamed as the God of War and is assumed to be the 4th strongest Archon in Teyvat. The Pyro Archon will be the 6th Archon revealed in the game, leaving only Tsaritsa who appears so far to be the main perpetrator of the events in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact Natlan Teaser Breakdown

The Natlan teaser at the end of the 4.7 livestream revealed a ton of new information about the new region, including new monsters, environments, travel mechanics, and a possibility of mounts. Here is a complete breakdown of the Natlan teaser.

New Enemies and Possibly Mounts

Genshin Impact Natlan Monsters Saurians
Image Courtesy: Genshin Impact

The Natlan teaser showcased four new monsters, named Saurians, in Genshin Impact. Here is a detailed look at all the new enemies showcased in the teaser:

  • The first monster revealed, a mixture of a groundhog and porcupine, had an armored body with spiky dark shells at the back. This monster walked on two legs, and could travel while burrowed underground while leaving a trail of spiked rocks.
  • Next we saw a fish type monster, which looked similar to a stingray, and could swim in both water and lava.
  • The third monster showcased, similar to a squirrel, could shoot its tongue to grab objects and also use it to grapple from place to place.
  • The final monster revealed was bird type that flew around Natlan’s landscape.
  • Genshin Impact Rocky Saurian Natlan Monster
  • Genshin Impact Natlan Green Saurian Natlan Monster
  • Genshin Impact Water Saurian monster Natlan

The biggest part about the monsters revealed was that some of them was showcased from a player’s point of view. It appeared as some of these monsters could be mounts and used to traverse the landscapes of Natlan in Genshin Impact. We did see some leaks about a new travel mechanic introduced in Natlan, which might just be mounts. But it’s just a wild speculation, so don’t quote me on it.

Natlan Landscapes and Traversal

Natlan Landscape Genshin Impact Teaser
Image Courtesy: Genshin Impact

The trailer also showcased some of Natlan’s landscape and it appeared to be a combination of rocky mountains, green forests, rivers, and lava. We also got a quick look at the structure that appeared like a city, attached at the side of a cliff.

Other than the Natlan landscape, we also saw a few new traversal mechanics probably getting added in Genshin Impact.

  • First, we saw that monsters can swim through lava, so there might be a way for players to also do that.
  • Next, we see a rainbow colored stream going upwards from the lava, which monsters could also traverse though.
Genshin Impact Natlan Traversal Mechanic
Image Courtesy: Genshin Impact
  • Finally, we saw a grappling mechanic, which is starting to be more common in every new area of Genshin Impact.

One new thing about the grappling mechanic is that we see the green saurian using it to travel, which again reinforces the possibility of mounts or a similar feature in the Natlan update.

So, that’s it. Share your thoughts about the Genshin Impact Natlan teaser. Also, share your opinions on the upcoming Genshin Impact 4.7 version, which will add a ton of new things to the game.

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