CES 2023: The Fufuly Cushion Can Calm You and Reduce Your Anxiety in 5 Minutes

fufuly cushion announced
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Japan-based firm, Yukai Engineering is known for developing robots that bring joy to life and improve the quality of routine life. At the CES 2023 event, the company introduced a Fufuly cushion that feels like a living creature and can help in reducing your anxiety. Check out the details below.

A Cushion to Calm Yourself!

The Fufuluy Cushion can stimulate your belly to reduce anxiety and calm your nerves in just 5 minutes. When you hold the cushion close to your chest and belly, it quivers ever so slightly and as a result, it induces slower and deep breathing in you, which reduces stress levels.

The project has been developed in partnership with the University of Tokyo and extends the research done on rhythmical synchronization between people or individuals and objects. Subconsciously, our body reduces stress levels when we hug another person or hold a pet or baby around our arms. The cute-looking Fufuly cushion works akin to that.

There are three modes on the Fufuly cushion including Regular, Deep, and a relaxation breathing technique that can help you quickly reduce your anxiety. The prototype is still in the early stages and Yukai Engineering plans to crowdfund the project and release it in Japan in 2023. As for global markets, the company says, it will release the product after the initial rollout in Japan. Pricing is something that the company has not announced yet.

The company has also introduced the Lightony, a cute humanoid bedside lamp that can help you fall asleep quickly with its head and eye roll movements. It can also take voice commands. However, it is currently in the early development stages. If you are interested in robot-assisted therapy products, you can check out Yukai Engineering’s Qoobo, a cat tail pillow that wags gently and gives a healing touch.

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