CES 2023: FluentPet Connect System Lets You Communicate With Your Dog

FluentPet Connect System introduced

Along with futuristic products, some strange and unique gadgets are also announced at CES 2023, which may seem crazy and gimmicky on the surface, but they work nonetheless. Recently, we covered the Fufuly cushion that reduces your stress levels within minutes. And now, FluentPet brings a recordable talking button system through which you can communicate with your dog. Find it interesting? Read on to learn more about it.

FluentPet Talking Buttons For Your Dog

FluentPet has developed an app-connected talking button system called FluentPet Connect that allows your dog to communicate with you. The company has also demonstrated how it works. Basically, you get a kit of different buttons which can be programmed for different functions. When a dog presses the button, it speaks voice command, which is further relayed to you via a high-fidelity speaker or the app. That way, you can know what your dog wants to have.

You can use your own voice to record the voice commands for different buttons. For example, you can say, “water” or “you want water?” or “go outside” and so on. Dogs already know words and communicate accordingly. But what is interesting here is that dogs also learn to press the buttons to communicate with their owner.

According to FluentPet’s research, about 70% of dogs start to have two buttons in a month. And over time, dogs learn up to 9 words. Since its first product launch in 2020, the company has amassed over 100,000 households and found that dogs not just learn one word, but also happen to use word combinations. The CEO of FluentPet, Leo Trottier who has studied cognitive science and AI says that dogs are able to translate and communicate what they want to say through the buttons.

The new FluentPet connect is compatible with the existing HexTiles (multi-colored tiles to hold the button) that came with its first product. The Connect Base supports wireless connectivity and has a battery of up to two weeks.

As for availability, the FluentPet Connect system is open for preorders now and you can get the “Get Started” kit for $159. You can check out more details over here. So what do you think about the FluentPet Connect system? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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