First OnePlus 12 Green Line Issue Pops Up: Should You Be Worried?

OnePlus 12 Green Line Issue returns (1)
Image Courtesy: OnePlus Club on X
In Short
  • A OnePlus 12 user reported the infamous green line issue appearing on their 15-day-old phone.
  • The color of the line looks quite faint, and we're unsure if it's the same issue.
  • The photos were posted on the OnePlus Community and the firm is yet to respond to the user.

OnePlus is known for its flagships and the infamous green lines on its displays after a software update. While other phone manufacturers were also affected by the issue, it was more common in OnePlus devices, especially the OnePlus 8, 9, and 9R. Credit where it’s due, the company launched a free display replacement program, and they might not want to stop the same anytime soon as the first green line issue on the OnePlus 12 has popped up.

A OnePlus 12 user posted in the OnePlus Community that they see a green line on their 15-day-old OnePlus 12. The user also said the phone has never been dropped or used harshly; Although, the addition of “Finally” at the start indicates they were tirelessly waiting for the same and are pretty happy it finally arrived.

Green Line Issue Returns with OnePlus 12

Jokes aside, as mentioned earlier, the appearance of green lines was a major issue starting from the OnePlus 8 till the OnePlus 9 and even a few units of the OnePlus 10. You can see a faint green (almost grayish) line running on the right from top to bottom.

It’s hard to make from the image if the pixels have been turned green, and the chances that it’s a hardware defect are pretty high. A OnePlus 12 user posted in the OnePlus Community that they see a green line on their 15-day-old OnePlus 12.

We don’t have an official statement from OnePlus regarding this but if the issue shows up on multiple OnePlus 12 units, given the phone was launched recently, you could expect an official statement pretty soon.

Green Line Issues in Other Phones

Before we go all in on OnePlus, it is worth noting that the green line issue is not exclusive to OnePlus. Samsung’s Note 20 Ultra gained notoriety last year when users started getting green lines on the display after a software update. Similarly, POCO, a sub-brand of Xiaomi, also found itself in the barge of green line complaints from users.

Understanding the issue at the root cause, most smartphones that have been affected by the issue have AMOLED displays. And the simple reason behind this is pixel degradation. AMOLED displays, in comparison to LCDs, are more prone to degradation of pixels.

In case of a software upgrade causing the issue, there are chances that the upgrade has altered the voltage or frequency of the display panel, leading to the anomaly.

What Next?

If this is indeed the infamous green line issue, OnePlus needs to quickly take action by recalling the units. The company has already lost a lot of its brand value due to the previous Green Line issue; if the same repeats with the OnePlus 12 devices, it would be the final nail in the coffin for OnePlus’ brand integrity.

What are your thoughts on the green line issues? Have you owned a OnePlus 12 previously and faced the same issue? Let us know in the comments section below.

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