Fallout TV Show Ending Explained: What Happens to Lucy and Hank?

After sitting down and binging my way through all the episodes, it is safe to say that the new Fallout TV show has managed to dodge the video game adaptation curse I’ve dreaded over the years. Not only does it gracefully carry forward the video game legacy, but it also gives us a brand-new Fallout story in over a decade. While the ending was a grand conclusion after a solid build-up, it left some pressing questions in my mind. After being confused for a good while, I decided to figure it all out and finally explain the ending of the Fallout TV show to you so we may potentially piece together the future of Lucy, Maximus, and Ghoul.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for the new Fallout TV series on Prime Video, so we suggest the watch the show to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Fallout TV Show: The Climax Battle and Conclusion

The climax battle at the ending of Fallout TV show
Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

The ending of the Fallout TV Show takes us to the Observatory of Shady Sands, where Moldaver finally gets her hands on the Cold Fusion Reactor, an artifact capable of producing unlimited energy. Naturally, every faction in the series was trying to get this shiny blue treasure. At the same time, Maximus (Aaron Moten) and the Brotherhood of Steel prepare to raid the Shady Sands Observatory to take it for themselves.

This results in a tough battle between the Brotherhood of Steel and the remnant of New California Rangers (or NCR as they are called). Simultaneously, the Ghoul Cooper (Walton Goggins) arrives at the Observatory to get Moldaver’s bounty. Lucy (Ella Purnell) goes with the Ghoul to find answers to her origin and meet her maker.

After a long battle, Moldaver (Sarita Choudhury) succumbs to her injuries, while Maximus gets the credit for stopping her. This results in the Brotherhood of Steel chanting his name in reverence. Thanks to the cold fusion, we also get a glimpse of the lit-up Shady Sands.

Hank’s Real Identity and the Mystery Behind Lucy’s Mother

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

One of the show’s driving forces was Lucy leaving Vault 33 to find her Hank (Kyle MacLachlan), her father and the Overseer of Vault 33. After reaching Shady Sands, she finally reunites with him. Sadly, things turn darker when Moldaver starts explaining Hank’s true identity and her reasons.

She reveals that Hank was one of the loyal Vault-Tec employees cryogenically frozen 200 years before the bombs fell. Simultaneously, through a flashback, we see a young Hank, who worked as Cooper’s wife’s assistant in Vault-Tec.

When Lucy’s mother, Rose MacLean (Elle Vertes), figured out that life on the surface had returned, she tried convincing Hank to bring everyone to the surface. However, Hank refused and asked Rose to keep it quiet.

Realizing that Hank is hiding something, Rose runs away with her children and settles in Shady Sands. Unfortunately, Hank finds her and launches a nuclear bomb on Shady Sands, thereby turning Rose into a ghoul.

While Lucy reunites with Rose in episode 8, we see that she has become a Ghoul with no recollection of her past and a hunger for flesh. Unable to get through the strained relationship with his daughter, Hank steals a T-60 Power Armor and runs away from the Observatory.

The New Vegas Dream is Real?

Image Courtesy: Bethesda/Fallout: New Vegas

After Hank escapes from the Ghoul and Lucy, we get a shot of Hank walking through the desert. He then stops, where we get a far shot of a walled-off town that looks eerily similar to New Vegas, the setting of the 2010 Obsidian RPG Fallout: New Vegas. This is where most Vault-Tec employees are stationed.

So, does this mean we will get some action in New Vegas for season 2? Mr. House, the RobCo Industry owner, rules New Vegas in-game. As he gets established and confirmed in the flashback episode at Vault-Tec headquarters, there is a chance we might get the enigmatic town ruler in the next season.

The Real Secret of Vault 33

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

While not explicitly discussed, a side plot explored throughout the series is the secret of Vault 31, 32, and 33. Lucy’s brother Norm (Moisés Arias) was curious about the destruction of Vault 32 and Vault 31’s secret. After some handy investigation, we finally find out that Vault 31 was empty all along, with just a brain inside a robot controlling things.

We further find that Vault 31 was filled with essential Vault-Tec employees who were cryogenically frozen. The company believed these employees could take the reins of post-war America and oversee Vault 32 and 33. We also get a flashback scene, where we learn why Vaults exists.

Vaults 32 and 33 were breeding pools to ensure kids with superior genes were born. People from Vault 31 (Vault-Tec employees) reproduce with Vault 32 and Vault 33 citizens. Unfortunately, because Norm knows about the secret of the Vault, the robot brain traps him inside, leaving Norm’s fate a mystery.

Why did the company do this at all? Well, Vault-Tec made around 122 vaults and gave prominent businesses in America the responsibility to experiment on human psychology and conditioning. When the company learned peace might be coming, it implied that Vault-Tec might have decided to drop the nukes themselves. This ensures their products (Vaults) don’t go unused.

Fallout TV Show: Fate of Major Characters Explained

As Fallout concludes its first successful season, let’s examine what happens to each of the show’s important characters.

1. Lucy MacLean

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

At the show’s end, Lucy discovers Hank’s real identity, her mother’s fate, and Vault-Tec’s real motives. Devastated and grief-stricken, Lucky refuses to return to Vault 33 with Hank.

After a brief showdown between Ghoul and Hank, which results in Hank escaping, Ghoul convinces Lucy to travel with him to find answers to her birth and “meet her makers.” We last see Lucy traveling with Hank and the dog CX404 to Hollywood, California.

2. Maximus

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

Our rookie squire from Shady Sands takes part in the fight on the Observatory with Brotherhood of Steel. After subduing every oppressor at the Observatory, Maximus reunites with Lucy. He also figures out the real reason why Shady Shores was decimated.

Unfortunately, Hank knocks him out, missing out on most of the action. Ultimately, Maximus is hailed as a hero after Moldaver succumbs to her injuries.

3. The Ghoul

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

The Gunslinger Ghoul arrives at Shady Shores observatory during the climax battle. After taking out some of the T-60 armored Brotherhood soldiers, he arrives at the top to stop Hank from capturing his daughter.

He also demands to learn the location of his wife and kid. Unfortunately, Hank escapes, resulting in the Ghoul going on a journey to find him and taking Lucy with him. We last see him with CX404 and Lucy in Hollywood, California.

4. Hank MacLean

Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video/ Bethesda

The Vault 33 Overseer and Lucy’s father have a brief showdown with The Ghoul at the Observatory. Unfortunately, he runs away wearing a stolen T-60 Power Armor. At the show’s end, he arrives at what seems to be New Vegas to meet with the Vault-Tec employees.

So, the real question is, are we getting a Fallout Season 2? Well, it’s a little difficult to conclude that. While the show does end on multiple threads where the story can continue, Amazon or Bethesda hasn’t confirmed a season 2. However, as per Variety, the show has been renewed for another season.

Did you watch the series? What do you think about its ending? Let us know in the comments below.

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