Fallout Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

In Short
  • The success of the first season of Fallout will likely lead to the show's renewal for Season 2. However, there is no official confirmation just yet.
  • While we wait, The California Film Commission revealed that Fallout S2 is among the list of TV shows that have received incentives to start filming in the Golden State.
  • This technically means Fallout Season 2 has been greenlit already. In addition, the show's creators have hinted at a second season in a recent interview.

With titles like Arcane and The Last of Us, the 2020s are looking to be the strongest years for video game adaptations. Adding to the constantly expanding list, the Fallout TV series solidified its spot with an outstanding debut season on Prime Video. The show has drawn newcomers and OG fans of the Fallout video games to the vault. The show will likely be renewed for another season as a result of this enormous success. However, if you are wondering if there has been any official confirmation for Fallout season 2, read on to find out all about it.

Spoiler Warning: This article includes spoilers for the new Fallout TV series on Prime Video, so we suggest the watch the show to avoid ruining the intended experience.

Fallout TV Series: Will There Be a Season 2?

I’m sure you all had a great time exploring post-nuclear Los Angeles with Lucy and must have seen how the first season ended on a cliffhanger, setting up the Fallout series for a follow-up season.

So, to address your eagerness, earlier today, Prime Video and the Fallout team officially confirmed that the Fallout series has been renewed for season 2 with a tweet on the X platform, which you can see below:

A couple of days before the Fallout Season 1 premiere, the California Film Commission (via THR) released a list of TV show projects that have been given the green light with the tax credits to start the shooting works in the Golden State.

Among them, Prime Video’s Fallout Season 2 by Kilter Films was mentioned with a budget of close to $154 Million. This confirmed that the production team will be moving from Utah (the primary shoot location for Season 1) to the West Coast for Season 2.

While the California Film Commission revealed that a follow-up season is likely, as we predicted, it turned out to be true as an official announcement came in from Prime Video.

What to Expect from Fallout Season 2?

The Ghoul, Lucy and Maximus in Fallout Series.
Image Courtesy: Amazon Prime Video (X/@falloutonprime)

The makers have essentially stated that the Fallout TV series can be considered Fallout 5, as the story is canon and takes place after the four video game storylines. Now, talking about the story of Season 2, there has been no mention of the official plot till now.

The first season laid the groundwork for the upcoming seasons, and you can read our expected plot for the second season:

Based on the events in season 1, we speculate that the second season will also feature the trio of The Ghoul, Lucy, and Maximus, whose expanded storylines likely converge into one another. At the end of season 1, Lucy and the Ghoul made an unlikely team to head out to find “the makers.” Thus, they will be off on an adventure to New Vegas and explore the post-nuclear lands to find her makers, where Lucy’s dad moved to.

Moreover, Maximus seemed to climb up the ranks of the Brotherhood of Steel. Thus, he might take control of the Brotherhood of Steel and continue the search for his love interest, Lucy, in the next season. Moreover, we hope to meet the big heads of this world, especially Mr. Robert House, in the new location of New Vegas, which was teased in the finale.

Thus, get ready to delve further into the wastelands of post-nuclear America in season 2. Stay tuned for more updates about Fallout season 2. That said, let us know your thoughts about the first season in the comments below.

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