Facebook’s Dedicated “Memories” Page Wants You To Reminisce The Past

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Though Facebook already highlights your memories and key moments in the News Feed every day, the social network wants you to have access to it at all times. Thus, Facebook has today launched a new ‘Memories’ section, which is a dedicated page to showcase the memories you have shared with friends or family on the platform.

This single ‘Memories’ page will feature the ‘On This Day’ posts you already saw in your feed, along with “Friends Made on this Day,” “Recaps of Memories” and other moments that you may have missed in the past week. This feature has been designed obviously to surface any of your life’s achievements, happy or tragic moments.

Facebook knows that it’s possible that the Memories page may serve you painful and sad moments that you may not want to see, hence, you have full control over what you want to see (or not) on this page.

Facebook’s Dedicated “Memories” Page Wants You To Reminisce The Past

Under the preference tab on the memories page, Facebook offers you the option to filter out certain friends, dates, or date ranges which you don’t want to be reminded of. You’re also offered the option to dismiss stories from the feed but the social network is already working to automatically detect negative stories to keep them out of the Memories page.

To access your Memories page, you can do so on both the Facebook mobile app and web platform. On the app, you can visit the “More” section at the bottom of your profile tab or check for the “Memories” tab on the left of your news feed. If you cannot see either of the options, simply navigate to this link to see those memories from the past days.

So, do you look forward to checking out what memories Facebook surfaces for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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