Facebook Gaming Adds Tournaments to Organize Matches

Facebook Gaming Adds Tournaments to Organize Matches
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Facebook Gaming has launched a new feature in early access named Tournaments that lets gamers easily organize and join matches.

“We’re excited to open early access to Facebook Gaming tournaments, a feature to help people stay connected through games. Gaming is all about friendly competition, and Facebook Gaming tournaments help bring that experience to everyone wherever they are, whatever game they’re playing.”, wrote Facebook Gaming on its website.

Although Facebook Tournaments is mainly targeted at professional gamers, Facebook says people could use this feature to set up matches with friends and family. “Anyone can start or join a tournament. That could be a casual competition among friends, a creator playing with their chat, or a global esports competition. And it all happens virtually, from brackets to leaderboards, and everything in between.”, says Facebook on Twitter.

Facebook Gaming streamers could also use the feature to raise funds to support important causes by making use of their new charity live streaming tools, which will be useful especially now that the world is going through a pandemic.

Facebook Tournaments offers various tournament styles including Single elimination, Double elimination, and Round robin. You can create a tournament by clicking on the “Create a Tournament Event” button and following the instructions present on Facebook Tournament’s page.

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According to data from StreamElements and Arsenal.gg, Facebook Gaming witnessed a whopping 210 percent year-over-year growth and with features like Facebook Tournaments, the numbers are bound to grow now that a lot of people have turned to gaming during this time of lockdown imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus.

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