Facebook’s Fashion++ AI Could Help You Step up Your Fashion

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Researchers at Facebook have developed an AI system that has the potential to step up your fashion, style, and dressing habits. Named “Fashion++“, the system makes use of a deep image-generation neural network to identify your clothing and provide suggestions to make yourself look better.

Fashion++ will offer suggestions regarding what you’re currently doing wrong with your dressing style rather than coming up with a completely new style. It could show you what to add, remove, or swap from the input image. The system will also provide minor ways of adjustment, say tucking in a shirt or rolling up or down the sleeves.

Facebook trained Fashion++ on thousands of publicly available images that are usually considered stylish. The new adjusted look of you will be generated using an image-generation neural network while a variational auto-encoder will be used to generate the silhouette. To generate the color and pattern, a conditional generative adversarial network (cGAN) will be used.

The social media giant claims that human evaluators of Fashion++ find the suggestions put forth by Fashion++ fashionable and easy to implement. With Fashion++, Facebook is taking a huge leap ahead in such a creative field like fashion which was earlier considered to be out of the scope of AI.

Facebook aims to help fashion designers with this project once the AI matures enough to come up with outstanding and exemplary suggestions. If you’re interested to know how the technology works behind the scenes, check the research paper published by the Facebook researchers here. So, what do you think of Fashion++? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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