Ex-Chefs Are Now Using Instagram to Sell Their Food Online

Instagram chefs feat.

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has led to the shut down of many industries, including the food industry. As social distancing became more and more prevalent in society, going out to eat in fancy restaurants have become a myth. We have seen Zomato launching funds to support restaurant staff during this time of crisis. Now, chefs who lost their jobs due to the pandemic are using Instagram to gain a few bucks for their dishes.

Instagram has become one of those social media platforms which the users are using to boost their small-scale businesses. Now, chefs, who used to cook lip-smacking delicacies in fine-dine restaurants are using the platform to sell their dishes online.

We have seen the 1-year-old chef on Instagram who makes cute faces while cooking. However, chefs like Victor Aguilera, Michael Lawless, and Mike Raskin are professional chefs who used to work in big restaurant chains before starting their “Instachef” business.

Some of these chefs used to post pictures of their dishes on the picture-sharing platform. However, after they were laid-off due to the ongoing pandemic, they turned to Instagram to sell their food. Now, they post luring pictures of their dishes and allow customers to place their orders through DMs or through a personal website.

So, what was only a hobby for these chefs, is now turning into a booming business. Some of these chefs like Victor even take orders from customers via phone calls, as his phone number is right there in the bio of his Instagram profile. After getting an order, he delivers it to the customer himself by riding his bicycle. And he covers all of San Francisco, which is crazy.

Food blogger, “Hungry Hungry Hooker” made a list of chefs who turned into “Instachefs” during this time. You can check it out right here.

So, are you missing going out to eat in fine-dining restaurants during these times? Then you can check out some of these chefs on Instagram. You could at least enjoy the food of the restaurants, if not the experience.

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