Who are Emanator in Honkai Star Rail? Explained

In Short
  • Emanators in HSR are Pathstriders, who are granted permission by the Aeon of their path to draw power directly from the path itself.
  • Emanators are extremely strong and they are often the strongest in their path after the Aeon.
  • All the known Emanators in Honkai Star Rail are: Phantylia, Calenova, Irontomb, Sun Devourer, Zephyro, Zuro, Herta, Zandar One Kuwabara, Acheron, Diamond, Taravan Keane, Shuhu, Wingperor, Noblesse Worm, Skaracabaz, and Messenger.

Honkai Star Rail has a complex universe, with multiple different power structures, god-like beings, and normal beings with the power of gods. Aeons are the strongest beings in Honkai Star Rail, followed by Emanators, who are favored by each Aeons. Here is a complete guide on Emanators in Honkai Star Rail, and how powerful they are compared to other denizens.

What is an Emanator in Honkai Star Rail?

Honkai Star Rail emanators
Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)

If you are a player of Honkai Star Rail or at least an enthusiast of the lore of the game, you have likely come across the term ‘Path’. Paths are congregations of imaginary energy, born from behavioral concepts. Denizens of Honkai Star Rail who align themselves with a path’s philosophies and opinions can draw power from them. The people who can draw power from paths are called Pathstriders.

Aeons are Pathstriders who have fully intertwined themselves with the philosophical concepts of their chosen path. Aeons are the strongest beings in Honkai Star Rail Universe and they are the closest to God-like beings in the game.

Now, Emanators are Pathstriders, who are granted permission by the Aeon of their path to draw power directly from the path itself. Emanators are extremely strong and they are often the strongest in their path after the Aeon.

All Known HSR Emanators

Many Emanators have been name-dropped in the Honkai Star Rail lore, but only a few have made an appearance in the game. Here are all the emanators in Honkai Star Rail that we know of.

HSR Emanators of Destruction

Phantylia emanator of destruction

A total of 6 emanators of Destruction, also called Lord Ravagers, are known to us and only one of them, Phantylia, has made an appearance in the game.

  • Phantylia: The main villain fought in the Xianzhou Luofu trailblaze mission. She orchestrated the revival of Abrosial Arbor by possessing Tingyun, until she was defeated by the Trailblazer during the Desolate Depths of Despair mission.
  • Calenova: The List of Archenemies Ruin Scroll name drops Calenova as one of the front-line Generals of Nanook and her troops have come into conflict with Xianzhou ships Yaoqing, Zhuming, and Fanghu.
  • Irontomb: He is also namedropped in the List of Archenemies, and is mentioned to have expertise in attacking technologically advanced civilizations.
  • Sun Devourer: The real name is unknown, but the survivors of the Yvanna system call this overload as the Sun Devourer. He is rumored to have extinguished one-third of the Yvanna chain starzone’s stars for nearly 300 years.
  • Zephyro: Also known as Scorching Flare, he was likely responsible for destroying the Tia’nua galaxy. He is described as a one-man army with a passion for violent destruction.
  • Zuro: We only have his name for the moment.

HSR Emanators of Erudition

Herta Honkai Star Rail C Tier DPS

Only two emanators of Erudition are known, but many of them are known to be geniuses and part of the Genius Society.

  • Herta: Yes, the Herta we know in-game is an emanator of Erudition. Although the version playable in the game is very weak, it is likely just one of Herta’s puppets we are allowed to play.
  • Zandar One Kuwabara: He is the founder and first member of the Genius Society. He was the first one to propose the Cosmos Tree Theory, which described the universe as an imaginary tree with individual star systems serving as its leaves.

HSR Emanators of Nihility

Acheron The Galaxy Ranger - First Look Honkai Star Rail
Acheron, The Galaxy Ranger

Only one emanator of Nihility is known, but even that is not confirmed.

  • Acheron: Honkai Star Rail 2.0 missions revealed Acheron to be an emanator, but didn’t reveal which path. However, as Acheron is from the Path of Nihility, it is very likely that she is also an Emanator of Nihility.

HSR Emanators of Preservation

Aeon of Preservation Qlipoth

Only two emanators of Preservation have been named in the Lore and they are associated with IPC, Interastral Peace Corporation.

  • Diamond: Diamond is the leader of Ten Stonehearts, founder of its Non-Performing Asset Liquidation Specialist, and ranked P47 head of the Strategic Investment Department in IPC. He also assigned Aventurine for Penacony.
  • Taravan Keane: Taravan is rank P48 Head of the Material Logistics Department. He is also one of the Seven Board Directors of IPC.

HSR Emanators of Abundance

Aeon of Abundance Yaoshi

Only two Emanators of Abundance have been name dropped and she is part of the Denizens of Abundance faction.

  • Shuhu: She is the leader of the Denizens of Abundance faction and has come into conflict with Xianzhou Luofo several times. She also serves as an exalted figure for the Disciples of Sanctus Medicus.
  • Wingperor: He or she is a wingweaver and the master of the Holy Celestine nest. Wingweavers are one of the main branches of Denizens of Abundance.

HSR Emanators of Elation

Aeon of Elation Aha

Only one name has been revealed in the Elation Devlog and the Emanator Data bank.

  • Noblesse Worm: Not much information is available.

HSR Emanators of Propagation

Skaracabaz emanator of Propagation

Only one emanator of Propagation is known and it appeared in the game during the Crown of the Mundane and Divine trailblaze continuance missions.

  • Skaracabaz: The chosen subject of Ruan Mei’s experimentation, Skaracabaz was once a living nightmare during the Swarm Disaster. Ruan Mei only could create a clone of Skaracabaz and we are well familiar with its destructive capabilities.

HSR Emanators of Remembrance


Only one emanator of Remembrance is known and she is always available in the Astral Express.

  • Messenger: The guide of the Forgotten Hall mirror is also the emanator of Remembrance. However, we don’t know much about her other than the fact that she is strong enough to wipe the memories of even the Astral Express crew members.

So there you have it. Tell us if you know about any emanators we might have missed in the article. Also, share your thoughts about the article in the comment section.

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  • rofocale says:

    emanators are not grass along the field lol, they’re not gonna give it to a character bc they are streamline or famous. Sparkle is not gonna be an Emanator, Jingyuan is borrowing the power of an Emanator, so he is significantly weaker than a real one, kafka is not emanator, why would she use a gun and bombs, welt with the new story told that he is significantly weaker, even in his HI3 peak he’s still weaker than an emanator

  • Jacosketching says:

    I don’t know if there is some official logic or note or text that tells us who is or isnt an emenator, or if this is all conjecture, but if shu is an emenator, she is the weakest most pathetic emenator I’ve ever seen. Welt is almost assuradly an emenator, Trailblazer is definently an emenator since we are litterally revive and gifted a super weapon from Qilpoth. Sparkle strikes me as an emenator, and I can’t say for sure but sunday could be an emenator too. Screwlum is also so fricken scary that I suspect he too is an emenator. Black Swan could be an emenator of rememberance.The general strikes me as an emenator, Kafka has the strength and intensity for it as does himiko. It would be easy enough to add aeons so there is really nothing stopping them from declaring characters as emenators later on down the road.

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