Elden Ring’s Creator Just Might Consider Seamless Co-Op for Future Games

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In Short
  • In a recent conversation with PCGamer, Hidetaka Miyazaki of FromSoftware acknowledges the seamless co-op mod for Elden Ring.
  • He claims that the developers don't oppose or downplay the mod but instead want to explore new co-op experiences in future games.
  • The Seamless co-op mod removes the multiplayer co-op restrictions, allowing you and your friend to seamlessly explore the world of Elden Ring like a co-op game.

Mod support with games isn’t anything new. Within a few months of the launch of Elden Ring, the community introduced a mod that has since become extremely popular with seamless co-op. The mod removed the game’s multiplayer restrictions from limited areas, allowing players to co-op through the main game. The mod has even soared in popularity amidst the advent of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC.

Naturally, players agree that while the conventional SoulsBorne co-op system in Elden Ring is sound, seamless co-op spices things up and makes it more fun.

And surprisingly enough, FromSoftware’s President Hidetaka Miyazaki also agrees with this. The president said the same in an interview with PC Gamer when asked about his thoughts on the mod.

Miyazaki claims it isn’t some developers who oppose or want to downplay. He explains how the developers wanted the co-op to be this casual system of dropping in, defeating the boss, and then moving on. Miyazaki also claims they want to explore other ideas for co-op in their future games, such as seamless co-op, where players can drop in and drop out anytime.

Honestly, I don’t blame him. One look at the seamless co-op page on Nexus Mods will show you just how widespread and popular the mod is. It currently sits at 1,700,000+ downloads, with over 11,000,000+ views. That is a pretty crazy number. Most players who’ve played and finished their various NG+ runs in Elden Ring download and play with this mod for those fun days.

I’ve considered downloading and playing with seamless co-op, but it never happened. That is a story for another day. Let us know if you’ve played with seamless co-op in Elden Ring in the comments below.

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