Dune Part 2 Review: A Majestic Experience You Won’t Get Over

If there is one word to define the experience of watching Dune Part 2, it’s majestic. In my opinion, Dune 2 is easily one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time and if you ask me, this franchise is here to stay. You may ask, “Why do you say this?” Well, if you watch Dune 2, you will see that the creators have really taken into consideration the reviews of Dune Part One. They have fixed the slow pacing of the movie, creating a much more immersive and fast-paced yet elaborate experience. You might think that this praise of Dune: Part Two is slightly over the top, but trust me, it isn’t, and in this Dune Part 2 review, you will find out why.

Spoiler Warning This article contains spoilers for Dune Part 2, sp please proceed with caution.

Immersive Storytelling

Dune Part 2 Review (An Immersive storyline)
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Dune: Part Two nailed it when it came to storytelling, every single aspect of this movie, the mythology, the stories, and the flow of how the events are carried out is as smooth as it gets. Along with that, Dune movies, by far, are the most true-to-source material movies I have ever seen on the big screen. The way the movies encapsulate the minute details in novels from costumes to dialogue is truly commendable.

If you have had a recap of Dune Part 1, not for one moment in the movie you’ll have to think about what is happening because every scene and every conversation in this movie provides a seamless and uncomplicated experience.

One of the key things that facilitates storytelling is the dialogue of this movie. The dialogue in this movie is simple, yet elegant. Dialogue delivery by the actors is magnificent, making it seem like you are watching a well-written play, not a movie.

Dialogue delivery in Dune 2 is magnificent, making it seem like you are watching a well-written play, not a movie.

The way Dune Part Two shows us the gradual growth in the character of Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet) from a boy who wanted nothing to do with being a king or a leader into becoming the Emperor of the entire galaxy and sets up Dune Part 3 by the ending is truly commendable.

An Extravagant Visual Experience

Dune 2 Review (An Extravagent Visual Experience)
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If you are critical of visual effects in modern movies, I challenge you to find one thing wrong with the VFX of Dune 2. The graphics and overall visual appearance of Dune 2 are shot to perfection.

Be it the creatures, machines, or the costume design, it is so well done that it leaves you in complete awe. If you look at the scenes where the huge Sandworms appear, you will be amazed at how much attention to detail has been given to the structure and design of those worms.

Other than the sandstorms created via VFX, the battle sequences, and the sets are just too perfect to be compared with anything. Overall, if you enjoy visually rich movies, Dune: Part 2 is going to blow your mind.

Hans Zimmer Being Hans Zimmer

Dune 2 Review (Hans Zimmers Being Hans Zimmers)
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Now moving on with our review, let’s talk about the background score this movie is packing. Before I say anything I just want you to know that being a musician myself, the background music Hans Zimmer creates makes me think that it can’t get better than this. However, then he does that for another movie and it does indeed get better.

Generally while watching movies with themes such as Dune 2, you expect that it will have the same generic kind of music we hear from this genre.

However, since it’s Mr. Zimmer, that didn’t happen in Dune 2. If you pay attention, every single track that plays in the background is completely different from the last one. No single soundtrack has been used more than a maximum of twice. The way each soundtrack is placed uses music to make you feel the emotion or the intensity a scene carries in the best way possible. The soundtrack makes Dune Part 2 an immersive experience in itself or should I say, a majestic experience.

Overall, the only downside this movie has is that in some emotionally inclusive scenes of the movie, the acting of Timothée Chalamet fails to deliver the desired expressions and intensity expected from the scene other than that, this movie is quite literally the best experience I have had in theaters and trust me when I say it, spend money on an IMAX for this one, you won’t regret the choice. And who knows, you might bump into me cause this is a movie, I would gladly watch for a second time.

Pros and Cons
The Pros
Visually Stunning
Excellent Script
One of the best background scores
Well defined mythology and universe
Costume designers deserve recognition
The Cons
Chalamet's lack of emotional and expressional intensity in some parts
Final Verdict
Dune Part Two
Dune 2, as a whole is not just a movie but a whole experience. The movie has an effect that will quite literally teleport you to the planet of Arrakis with the impeccable BGM created by none other than Hans Zimmer, the mastermind behind the breathtaking tunes from Interstellar. Dune Part 2 pulls off almost every aspect of filmmaking from costume design and dialogue delivery to elaborate sets and top notch VFX. Overall, Dune 2 is a must watch movie for all the cinema enthusiasts because this one set a standard for how science fiction movies should be.
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