Best Armor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 (For Every Vocation)

Dragon’s Dogma 2 is all about exploring and hunting down big monsters. However, like any RPG, you need the best of gear at your disposal; otherwise, you can kiss your character goodbye. While you can battle it out with the best weapons, you do need a good armor kit to survive the hits. To help you out, we decided to list down the best armor for all vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2. So, with that, let’s begin!

Note: We are not including the Charming Corset as it is overpowered and can be worn as any class. It is available at any Vocation Guild and costs 150 Seeker Tokens.

1. Best Armor For Fighter

  • Head: Fiendish Armet
  • Body: Knightly Brigandine
  • Legs: Conqueror’s Sabatons

The best combination of armor starts with the Fiendish Armet on your head. It is found in almost every armory on the map, and it has 80 defense while being under 3 kg. On the body, wear the Knightly Brigandine, which is also available in almost every armory on the map. It has 195 defense and 78 magick defense.

Conqueror’s Sabatons is a great leg armor that you can get way early in the game. Go to the north of Vernworth, and you will find it in a dungeon after fighting some enemies. Despite being an early find, it is below 4 kg and has 121 defense. You cannot purchase it in any shop. Equip this set and let’s begin!

2. Best Armor For Archer

  • Head: Confidant’s Hood
  • Body: Hyperboreal Lorica
  • Legs: Arena Breeches

If you are playing archer, finding good head armor can be pretty tough. The Confidant’s Hood from any of the armories in the game is a good mid-to-late-game head armor. In post-game, for 20 Wyrmslife Crystals, you can get Cavalier Hat for just a little stat upgrade.

Hyperboreal Lorica is an excellent body armor for the Archer class in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Luckily, you can find it in Grisha’s Armory for a decent price. It provides a lot of defense and magick defense. You can also grab the Arena Breeches as your leg armor from any of the armories in the game. It provides good defense while being lightweight.

3. Best Armor For Mage

  • Head: Zodiac Charm
  • Body: Edified Vestment
  • Legs: Braided Boots

While playing a Mage, do not expect a lot of defense from your armors. For head, Zodiac Charm is the best option for any Mage as it comes with a lot of defense and is 0.32 kg in weight. Edified Vestment is the best body armor you get as Mage, but you might have to reach the Volcanic Island to get it. It comes with more magick defense than normal defense.

Although most good Mage leg armors are available post-game, you can go to the excavation site to get the Braided Boots. They are equipped with seven other classes, lightweight, and have solid defensive capabilities.

4. Best Armor For Thief

  • Head: Confidant’s Hood
  • Body: Enshadowed Battle Garb
  • Legs: Assassin’s Breeches

As mentioned above, the Confidant’s Hood is lightweight head armor that you can equip here, too. Combine it with the Assassin’s Breeches for the perfect leg armor. You can find this post-game by the Unmoored World. In the meantime, you can use the Mercenary Hosen, which can also be found in any armory.

If you are looking for good body armor, in the Thief class in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Enshadowed Battle Garb is the perfect choice. It is easily available in any armory and has a massive defense. Enshadowed Battle Garb is also very lightweight, so moving around as a thief will be smooth like butter.

5. Best Armor For Warrior

  • Head: Agamenian Galea
  • Body: Dominator’s Armor
  • Legs: Mettlesome Cuisses

If you are going for the Warrior vocation, you might want to explore the north of Battahl. Inside a cave, you will find the Agamenian Galea. It has a huge defense while being very light. You can pair it with the Dominator’s Armor, which is available at any armory and gives you a good amount of defense. However, the specialty of this body armor is its resistance to multiple Elemental and Debilitation effects.

There are a few good leg armors for the Warriors in the early and mid-game. So you might want to wait until you reach the post-game and grab a Mettlesome Cuisses for only 30 Wyrmslife Crystals. In the meantime, grab yourself the Dauntless Greaves from Bodas’s Armory or Celeste’s Smithy.

6. Best Armor For Sorcerer

  • Head: Twilight Star
  • Body: Cardinal Robe
  • Legs: Crimson Hosen

Being a Sorcerer will almost always ensure you’re attacking from a distance. So, in that case, any armor here won’t be that important. However, for just 30 Seeker’s Tokens, you can get Twilight Star from the Vocation Guild. It is a lightweight armor and can help you survive a decent amount of damage.

You can grab the Cardinal Robe from any armory and get 135 defense and 200 magick defense. It is also very light, so moving around won’t be an issue. Crimson Hosen is the perfect leg armor for a Sorcerer. You can get it from any armory for a decent price at any game level. It is only 2.77 kg and has a balanced defense stat.

7. Best Armor For Magick Archer

  • Head: Ancient Galea
  • Body: Elegant Petticoat
  • Legs: Crimson Hosen

Just like the archer and thief, you can get good head armor choices in the Confidant’s Hood. However, once you are in the post-game phase as the Magick Archer, it is best to get the Ancient Galea for 20 Wyrmslife Crystals. It will boost your defense as well as keep you light.

As for legs, Magick Archer and Mystic Spearhand go in a similar direction. You can easily get the Crimson Hosen from the armory or get Strider’s Greaves from endgame. For the body armor, once you are in the Agamen Ruins, you can buy Elegant Petticoat from the merchant there. It comes with 160 defense and 160 magick defense. And to be fair to us, it does look cool.

8. Best Armor For Mystic Spearhand

  • Head: Confidant’s Hood
  • Body: Soaring Surcoat
  • Legs: Strider’s Greaves

As mentioned earlier, the Confidant’s Hood is lightweight and fits any swift class. This goes perfectly with the Mystic Spearhand, who focuses more on dealing damage than receiving it. As a hybrid class, a good leg armor for the Mystic Spearhand comes post-game in the form of the Strider’s Greaves. However, you can wear the Arena Breeches for your early and mid-game defense and speed.

Finding the best armor for Mystic Spearhand will not be an issue, as you can find the Soaring Surcoat in any armory on the map. It has balanced defensive stats and a decent weight, making it perfect for a swift and hybrid damage dealer.

9. Best Armor For Trickster

  • Head: Persecutor’s Horns
  • Body: Ares Morpho Robe
  • Legs: Arena Breeches

In case you want some good late-game equipment, our kit above is the perfect mix of defense and weight balance for a Trickster. Other options include head armor like the the Summoner’s Crown as a better head armor. Other than that, you can stay with the Ares Morpho Robe and Arena Breeches for your body and leg armor. Both provide good protection while being easily available in any of the armory on the map.

That was the best armor list in Dragon’s Dogma 2. For the best value, you can always choose the Dragonforged armors, but even without going post-game, these armors are great. Which armor will you wear on your next adventure? Tell us in the comments below!

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