Discord Is Removing the Four-Digits in Your Username; Here’s Why


Discord is doing away with the four-digit tags attached at the end of usernames to make it easier for users to find and connect with each other. Usernames will now be lowercase, alphanumeric, and limited to certain special characters. However, the new change means that all users on the platform will need to update their usernames.  

New Discord Username Rules Announced

Until now, all usernames on Discord have been case-sensitive, with a four-digit tag (or discriminator) attached to the tail end. The intention behind the discriminators was to allow users to pick any username they wanted without ever seeing the dreaded “this username is already taken” prompt.

This way, two people could have the same usernames but could still be differentiated. For instance, “PhiBi#8936” and “PhiBi#9863.” But, this also meant that users had to remember the discriminators and the username for case sensitivity to find and connect with their friends, which complicated things as Discord grew. 

Now, the platform has decided to remove the four-digit suffix at the end of usernames. Users will now have lowercase alphanumeric usernames with an “@” in front (like many other social media platforms). For instance, this is what Discord usernames will look like going forward:

Discord username change example

You can read more about the new Discord username rules and guidelines here. Discord will also let users set a non-unique display name, which will appear in DMs and servers, using special characters, spaces, and emojis. The app will also allow users to change their display name whenever they want. 

The change will roll out in the coming weeks, and all users will be required to pick a new, unique username. Your existing usernames and discriminators will still work as an alias, so your friends can find you using your old username. For now, you can learn how to change your Discord username via the linked guide.

What do you think about this new change? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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  • Angela says:

    HATE IT!!!! I don’t even know how to add a friend now, the Tag # to add a friend was just so much easier… WHY TAKE IT AWAY!

  • Verza says:

    It wasn’t needed. At all. I’ve been a user for discord since 2017, no problems with the discriminator at all. It’s actually preferred! If we can say what year it is, we can easily remember our numbers at the end of our names! It is about as simple as remembering a phone number, your social security number, or just a damn password also. Bring the damn thing back.

  • "Was" Vex says:

    this is absolutely stupid why would you ever remove the tags. they made all of us unique and made it so much easier. humans can remember up to seven digits at once so just saying 4 numbers aint allat

    • Luxificus "And Still Will Be" says:

      I disagree with you, Choosing a unique username is better, as it is easier to remember and encourages people to use their imagination a bit.

      • "Was" Scarlight says:

        I’d absolutely agree except for people who have mildly common user names they’ve used for years that now they need to throw away because they were late to the party. But I don’t care if they want to convert as long as they don’t force old accounts.

  • Akumu says:

    This is so dumb. No one I’ve ever met has an issueneith the discriminator system. It was amazing because of the uniqueness of it and how no one ever worried about their names. You could even change it so it’d be easier to remember!!! I could tell it to people in freaking vr no problem. So many people are already losing their usernames. I’ve already got mine. But it really sucks.

  • Annoyed says:

    Absolutely abysmal change. And an immensely unfair one at that – why did some users get to choose before others? I’ve had my account since 2016 but hey, I guess being a long term user and nitro paying customer doesn’t mean anything at all??

    • Luxificus "And Still Will Be" says:

      What was your username?

  • L says:

    absolute shit like dumbest thing ive ever heard

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