Discord Testing a New Forum-like Channel for Easy-to-Find Conversations

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Discord is adding many new features for its large servers to make communications smooth for users as part of a closed test. These features include a forum-like channel, a homepage for trending topics, and new automation tools for moderators to keep Communities safe. Here’s a look at all of them.

Discord Tests Three New Features

Firstly, Discord is testing a new channel, which can safely be termed as a forum for people to have organized conversations on the gaming chat platform. This way, users will be able to keep track of relevant conversations without the need for always being a part of them. It will also showcase older conversations that still hold relevance, thus, allowing for new conversations to develop with time. Discord, via a blog post, has shared what this feature is like. Here’s a look:

discord forum like channel test
Image courtesy: Discord

There’s another feature, which involves a new “homepage” for users to find trending topics or the ones that interest them. This will show a concise form of those topics on servers and will act like a better version of how servers currently show new trending topics to people.

Lastly, new automated tools are being developed to further improve the functionalities of Discord mods and make the chat platform a much better place for Communities.

All these features are a part of a closed experiment and there’s no word on when it will reach all the users. Discord says, “These features are being introduced in closed experiments so we can ensure we’re learning how they benefit users directly from our communities. By testing directly with you, the community, we’ll be more confident that any feature making it through the experimental phase to full release is helpful to larger servers on Discord.

These features are being tested, keeping Communities in focus, and come in addition to the recent Stage Channels, Scheduled events, and more features on Discord. Are you excited about the introduction of forums within Discord? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

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