New Dell XPS 13 Plus Laptop with Snapdragon X Chip Leaked

Dell XPS 13 TributoQC
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In Short
  • Dell has accidentally leaked its ARM-powered XPS 13 laptops.
  • The new XPS displays sourced from LG will have a lower resolution display and LG's Tandem OLED tech.
  • The laptop will launch in June this year and is expected to cost $1,199.

Today was great for big Tech giants innovating in AI and hardware, and Dell is definitely not one of them. A leaked Dell document reveals their plans for a new direction: Snapdragon-powered XPS 13 laptop. Here’s everything you should know.

Leaked by VideoCardz, the 311-page document from Dell contains info about the company’s next generation Snapdragon-powered XPS 13 Plus and future Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered laptops. The document details the upcoming XPS 13 Plus, codenamed “TributoQC”.

The document shows us the laptop is internally called TributoQC. Originally referred to as “Qualcomm Nuvia” during the pre-naming stage, the document suggests 10-core (Nuvia 10c) and 12-core (Nuvia 12c) configurations with a maximum TDP of 17.5W and 25.5W respectively.

XPS TributoQC
Image: Dell (via VideoCardz)

Compared to the previously launched Raptor Lake XPS (TributoRPL), the TributoQC is lighter (1200 grams vs 1250 grams) but has a lower resolution display (2.8K vs 3.5K). Interestingly, the document mentions a new “Tandem OLED” technology from LG, promising improved brightness and lifespan. This technology uses multiple OLED screens (in this case – two) stacked on top of each other to combine light from both and deliver better contrast.

XPS TributoQC vs TributoRTL
Image: Dell (via VideoCardz)

Performance-wise, the RAM has been upgraded from LPDDR5 5200MT to LPDDR5X 8400MT. The TributoQC boasts a significant battery life upgrade. The document claims over 20 hours of Netflix streaming on the Snapdragon variant, compared to 13 hours on the Intel version. This improvement comes despite using the same 55Wh battery.

Alder Lake vs QC X Elite
Image: Dell (via VideoCardz)

The rest of the things, however, remain unchanged from the Raptor Lake counterpart. The document draws tested comparisons between the Alder Lake (12th Gen) and X Elite, and the results are quite astonishing but not surprising.

XPS Thinking roadmap
Image: Dell (via VideoCardz)

The leaked document, dated from last year, hints at a June 2024 launch for the XPS 13 Plus. It also mentions Qualcomm’s next-gen laptop chipset, the Oryon V2, arriving in the first half of 2025, with a V3 version planned for late 2027.

With a possible June launch and a starting price of $1199, the Snapdragon-powered XPS 13 Plus could be a game-changer for battery life-conscious users. What are your thoughts on Dell’s upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon-based XPS laptops? Let us know in the comments below.

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