How to Connect Spotify to Discord in Easy Steps

Discord is one of the popular chat apps you can use to stay connected, share your screen, or even listen to music with your friends and communities. While you can add one of the Discord music bots to your server to listen along with a community, Discord also offers a neat integration with Spotify to show what you’re listening to as your Discord status. This way, your friends can discover new music, see what you’re up to, and even choose to listen along.

Connect Spotify to Discord in 2021

Today, we will be going through the methods you can follow to connect your Spotify account to Discord on PC and mobile. You can switch to the section you’re interested in from the table of contents button below.

Add Spotify to Discord account on PC

1. Log in to your Discord account from PC and click on the Settings icon present next to your username in the bottom left corner of the screen. Clicking on this will take you to Discord’s Settings page.

open discord settings2. From the Connections section in User settings, click on Spotify. Here, you will see the option to connect your Spotify account along with accounts from other platforms namely Twitch, YouTube,, Steam, Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Xbox Live, and GitHub. Click on Spotify and wait for confirmation.

spotify connection on discord

3. As soon as you click on Spotify, a pop-up window will appear urging you to log in to Spotify. When you’ve successfully logged in, you’ll see your Spotify account in Discord’s Connections section.

spotify discord integration

4. The toggle ‘Display Spotify as your status’ offers controls to enable or disable Spotify listening status. Meanwhile, if you want to add a link to your Spotify profile on your Discord profile, do not forget to enable the ‘Display on profile’ toggle. As a result, your friends can easily access your Spotify account and play some of your favorite public playlists.

spotify link in profile

5. As you can see below, people on mutual Discord servers will now see what you’re listening to along with the current progress. Others can choose to join you in the listening session by clicking on the ‘Listen Along’ button present next to ‘Play on Spotify’ button.

spotify status ui in discord servers

6. Your friends on Discord can see what you’re listening to from the ‘Active Now’ section. For instance, here’s one of my friends listening to Arctic Monkeys to cure his Monday blues. spotfiy status in discord active now

Add Spotify to Discord account on Mobile

1. Open Discord app and tap on your avatar to access User settings. From the User settings section, tap on the Connections menu.

connections in discord settings

2. All your existing connections will appear here. If you haven’t connected Discord to any other service before, tap on the Add button in the top right corner.

add connections

3. From the list of services that appears now, choose Spotify. You’ll now have to sign in to your Spotify account and authorize Discord.

connect your account

4. One last step you need to follow is to enable Device broadcast status permission from Spotify’s settings. This is required for Discord to see what you’re listening to. After you grant this permission, your listening status will appear on Discord even if you’re listening from Spotify’s mobile app.

device broadcast status

Integrate Spotify with Discord and Listen Along with Friends

Connecting Spotify with Discord is a neat way to share what you’re listening to with your friends. Whether it is vibing to your favorite tunes or having calming ambient music in a study session with your friend, Spotify and Discord have got you covered. If you’re new to Discord, do not forget to check out our coverage on useful Discord bots and learn how to install Discord bots, to enhance your server.

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  • Frank E says:

    While this feature is cool, you gotta have premium to really use it effectively. Instead of having to pay for that, I just use a music bot. rythm ( just lets you queue up playlists with your friends that’s ad-free, and everyone can add or remove tracks. It also can load up lyrics for the song you’re listening to, in a channel if you want to sing along poorly like I do. I’ve had it pull from youtube, spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud, and even twitch sometimes. Like that 24/7 lofi playlist on youtube when I’m working.

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