This Chrome Extension Lets You Easily Add a Table to Your Emails in Gmail


Ever wanted to seamlessly insert a table in Gmail? Worry not, there’s a Chrome extension for that. Dubbed Gmail Tables, the extension lets you create and add tables in emails within seconds.

Gmail Tables comes with a variety of features including the option to tweak the colors for text, background, and borders. You can even customize the size of borders and tweak the number of header rows and columns as you desire.

The extension is available to download for free in Chrome Web Store. You may also use the browser on the recently launched Microsoft Edge since it supports Chrome extensions. Once you have installed the extension (link available below), you will be seeing a new button beside the Send button in Gmail’s email composer window.

gmail tables

With Gmail Tables, you can create as many rows and columns you want with a single click. The cool part is, the extension shows you a color picker from which you may choose the color of your choice for header background.

sample table gmail tables

Apart from the ability to create tables, the extension also allows you to add Buttons for which you can embed the links of your choice. Cool, isn’t it? Take a look at the image below to see how the button looks like.

gmail tables button

As pitched by the creators of the extension, Gmail Tables makes the lives of sales professionals and customer support easier. If you’re are a professional with similar use-cases, do not forget to check out Gmail Tables to streamline your workflow.

Download Gmail Tables (Free)

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