China is Using AI-Powered Smart Glasses to Detect Hundred Citizens with Fever at Once

AI Glasses feat.

When you come across a fresh idea, the first thing that comes to your mind is “Eh, this is too good to be true!” and then boom! Its executed perfectly. One such example, is the AI-powered glasses which detect people with fever, one of the primary symptoms of the deadly COVID-19.

AI has proven to be beneficial in the past in quite a lot of sectors spanning from surveillance to aiding the military in the battlefield. This time around AI is contributing to the field of epidemiology.

Security Staff at the Hongyuan park, section of Xixi wetland preserve in Eastern China, now have been able to detect the body temperature of the park visitors because of these glasses.

These glasses are specially designed to detect the temperature from a distance of 1 metre because of the “non-contact thermal augmented reality”.

AI startup Rokid Corporation, the supplier of these glasses claim that the glasses are capable of instantly checking the temperature of several hundred people within a span of just two minutes, it’s like Superman’s X-Ray vision topped with Flash’s speed.

These smart glasses each weigh around 100 grams and more or less look like your regular pair of sunglasses. Except for the attached cable and a “thermal imaging” camera which is an obvious giveaway that these are not your everyday sunglasses.

The devices are designed to automatically send an alert when recognising subjects with a temperature above normal and also make a digital record. In addition to that, it also supports facial recognition.

This Pandemic is hopefully breathing its last breaths as authorities on the global level work hand in hand to uproot this epidemic.

What’s next? Maybe a remote to control time? Or is it just too good be true, eh?

VIA The Next Web
SOURCE South China Morning Post
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