OpenAI Gives ChatGPT a ‘Memory’ So It Can Know You Better

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In Short
  • ChatGPT now has built-in memory to remember who you are and your preferences while chatting with the AI chatbot.
  • It's being rolled out to a small portion of users initially. The feature will be enabled by default on both free and ChatGPT Plus accounts.
  • OpenAI says the memory feature will make ChatGPT more personal and helpful and users won't have to repeat the same information.

While OpenAI is quite tight-lipped about GPT-5’s release, the company is continuously improving ChatGPT with new feature additions. It has now added ‘memory’ to the ChatGPT Ai chatbot to help it remember who you are and all of your preferences. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, previously said that it wants to make ChatGPT more personal to users so this does feel like a step in that direction.

ChatGPT Wants to Know Who You Really Are

The memory feature is similar to how cookies work when you visit a website. It learns about your browsing pattern and builds a profile of who you are and what you like. Similarly, memory in ChatGPT will keep a note of your preferences such as you prefer bullet lines for action items, or you own a coffee shop, or your daughter loves jellyfish, etc.

OpenAI says remembering key information about its users can help ChatGPT become more helpful in future conversations. Users won’t have to repeat the same information over and over again. The company is making the memory feature available to both ChatGPT free and Plus users. However, currently, it’s rolling out to a small portion of users only.

The memory feature will be enabled by default, which might be uncomfortable to some. So there is a “Temporary Chat mode,” like incognito mode, where you can chat freely and ChatGPT won’t remember anything.

How to Disable Memory in ChatGPT

To disable the feature, you simply need to click on your name at the bottom right corner. Then, click on Settings and head to the “Personalization” section from the left sidebar. Here, toggle off the new “Memory” option to use the chatbot as before, without it saving any info about you.

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Image Courtesy: OpenAI

The company also stresses that users are in full control of ChatGPT’s memory and they can delete memories or turn it off entirely from the Settings page (Settings -> Personalization -> Manage). You can also ask ChatGPT to forget something during conversations.

Keep in mind that OpenAI may use your data, including your memories to improve its models. This is applicable to both free and paid users. If you don’t want the company to use your data for training purposes, then you will have to turn off Chat History entirely. That said, data from ChatGPT Team and Enterprise users are not used for training at all.

So what do you think about ChatGPT’s new memory capability? Are you going to turn off the feature or keep it enabled? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  • 3i Data Scraping says:

    OpenAI’s enhancement, giving ChatGPT a ‘memory,’ signifies a leap in personalization. It adapts to users, offering a more tailored and context-aware conversational experience, elevating interactions to new levels of understanding and engagement.

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