This Candybar Thing is Actually a Really Cool Mechanical, Modular Keyboard

Candybar Keyboard feat.

If you happen to be a desktop user, then the keyboard is something you use a lot. And what is better than a modular mechanical keyboard that looks like a Candybar? Come on, enlighten me.

Manufactured by the Key Dot Company, the CandyBar Premium keyboard is a mechanical keyboard that the user has to assemble on their own. This keyboard is for all the mechanical keyboard enthusiasts out there and is one of the most unique keyboards that I have come across.

Now, the keyboard has a 40%+ Numpad design and that makes it a pretty small keyboard. So, you’ll think that this is quite a compact keyboard to carry around. But unfortunately, the weight of the keyboard makes carrying it around a bit on the difficult side. The fully assembled keyboard weighs around 1,642g (~3.6lbs).

When you receive the keyboard, it will come fully disassembled with an aluminium case and an aluminium plate in the colour of your choice. The company also designs the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) according to your prefered hand. So, this means it would not matter if you’re a righty or a lefty. You can choose your own PCB design and you can even change it afterwards if you want to.

Candybar mod

Now, as the keyboard is named “CandyBar”, it sure looks like a bar of candy with the popping colours and the compact rectangular design. There are a lot of colour options named after candies like Hubba Bubba (Pink), Laffy Taffy (Purple), Mint (Green) and many more.

Candybar 1

As the keyboard represents a candy bar, it also comes in a box similar to a giant chocolate box. If you take a look at the packaging, you’ll think it came straight outta Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. The box even has “Nutrition Facts” instead of the specs of the keyboard.

Candybar specs

Now, the Key Dot Company already sold the first round of the CandyBar Keyboards and now they are planning to take orders for Round 2. You can check out the keyboard on their official website and also enrol yourself to get notified when they release the keyboards for the second round.

So, if you are a keyboard enthusiast and looking to buy a mechanical modular keyboard, this is a great product for you. Also, don’t forget to let us know about your thoughts on the CandyBar Keyboard in the comments down below.

SOURCE The Key Dot Company
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