iPadOS 18: The Calculator App Finally Comes to iPad

Calculator App iPad Cover
In Short
  • Apple finally brings the Calculator app to iPad OS.
  • The new app features an expanded layout, calculation history, and conversions.
  • Coupled with Apple Pencil, users will be able to hand write notes and equations and get answers for it right from the app.

After years of waiting, Apple has finally listened to our cries and introduced a dedicated Calculator app with iPadOS 18. The new app shares the same DNA as the Calculator app that we have grown used to on our iPhones, with some new tricks up its sleeves that make it stand out and take advantage of the iPad’s large screen.

First and foremost, you will notice that it has an expanded UI, putting numbers and functions on the same page next to each other. It also lets you view the history of your calculations and do conversions along with it. So you don’t have to struggle to calculate pounds in the metric system anymore.

iPad Calculator App View

However, the true magic comes to the stage when you use the Calculator app with an Apple Pencil. This unlocks the new Math Notes feature.

iPadOS 18 - Math Notes

This lets you scribble down your math problems and expressions in your handwriting followed by an equal sign, and it will calculate the answers for you. The results will appear in your handwriting. These notes can be saved for later.

iPad Calculator App Math Notes

It’s difficult to believe that I am this excited about the arrival of a Calculator app, but having a first-party solution on iPads is such a breath of relief. I know many other iPad users will be as excited as me.

What are your thoughts about this new Calculator app on iPadOS? What other features do you like about the new iPadOS 18 and iOS 18? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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