WWDC 2024: iPadOS 18 Is Official With a Calculator App, Finally!

iPadOS 18 announced
In Short
  • iPadOS 18 has been officially announced with a calculator app with Math Notes feature.
  • Other key features include a floating tab bar and Smart Script on the Notes app.
  • iPadOS 18 also brings home screen and Control Center customizations.

After a whole lot of waiting, WWDC 2024 event is finally here and we got to see it take the wraps off of iOS 18, watchOS 11, and also iPadOS 18. From finally a Calculator app making it to iPads, to a new floating tab for apps to more, here’s everything you need to know about it!

With iPadOS 18, AI or as Apple calls it, “Apple Intelligence” is coming to the iPads. The most exciting thing about iPadOS 18 is probably the addition of an in-built calculator app. For years, iPad users have been wanting one. Now, not only do they get it, but the calculator app comes with a few tricks up its sleeve. For starters, it’s compatible with the Apple Pencil.

There’s this new Math Notes features integrated within it, which lets you solve equations with the app. This seems like an excellent feature that will come in super handy for students. The feature extends to the Notes app as well.

Talking about the Notes app, iPadOS 18 brings a new Smart Script feature to it. This feature automatically fixes your handwriting as you Apple Pen down notes on the go. It supposedly makes it more legible. According to Apple, the feature uses a powerful “on-device machine learning style” to do so. In simpler words, AI.

iPadOS 18 Features

The interesting thing is that the feature can mimic your handwriting, spellcheck and even convert what you type to your handwriting. Live audio transcription is also here within the Notes app.

That’s not it though, as you can now see a new floating tab bar within apps, that give you easy controls for them. You can navigate to the homescreen easily, search for something within the app with one tap, and more.

The Freeform app now has Scenes which let you organize your board more precisely. Not to mention that you can easily send a copy of your Freeform board for anyone to open it on their device.

Besides, iPadOS 18 also takes a couple of pages out of the iOS 18 update book and brings home screen and control center customization. Most importantly, third-party apps will be able to use Control Center integration. Basically, Android’s quick toggles but for iOS!

You can place any app icon or widget anywhere on your iPad’s home screen. As for the Control Center, it’s now swipe-able, and also lets you resize icons as well as decide their location.

The Photos app has also received a design makeover, providing you with an additional Recent Days tab. The Photos library now automatically organizes your photos to make them easier to find, instead of just a cluster of photos.

iPadOS 18 also brings screen-sharing to SharePlay which allows iPad users to control other iPads. I’m guessing this will come in very handy for parents to keep a tab on their kid’s iPad usage.

Dark mode now extends to app icons and widgets, bringing a stealthier and sleeker UI look to your iPad.

Moreover, with the addition of a dedicated Game Mode, with iPadOS 18, we finally see Apple taking gaming seriously. Oh, also, if you are unaware, Assassin’s Creed Shadows is coming to the iPadOS as well later this year on November 15. Recently, Assassin’s Creed Mirage also made it to the platform very recently, so this is much welcome.

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