Black Clover Manga is Returning After a 3-Month-Long Break

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In Short
  • Black Clover manga chapters 370 & 371 are confirmed to be released simultaneously on April 30, 2024, in Japan.
  • The manga was on a three-month break due to the health issues surrounding the creator, Yuki Tabata, and his family.
  • Due to health reasons, the author chose to move from Weekly Shonen Jump to Jump GIGA, which releases new chapters once every three months.

While 2023 was an amazing year for anime and manga fans, Black Clover fans had a pretty dry spell with the manga going on hiatus for an extended period. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the creator, Yuki Tabata, and his family faced health issues that severely affected his workflow. Thus, the creator decided to switch the publishing from Weekly Shonen Jump to Jump GIGA, which releases a new chapter once every three months.

Currently, we are in the final arc, and the previous chapter, i.e., 369, was released on December 24, 2023. Fans can now rejoice, as new details about the release of the next two chapters have been revealed. The exact release details for Black Clover manga chapters 370 and 371 are here.

Black Clover Chapters 370 and 371: Release Date Announced

Black Clover fans were left disappointed with the unexpected shift in publication last year. But after Tabata sensei disclosed the reason and apologized for the abrupt change in the plans for the manga, everyone wanted and wished the best for the creator and his family.

As a result, after a three-month wait, we are all set to welcome the return of the Black Clover manga, with chapters 370 and 371 scheduled to release on April 30, 2024, at 12:00 AM JST. The release schedule was officially confirmed by Shueisha’s Manga Plus today. Moreover, we are not just getting one but two chapters after a three-month-long waiting period.

When the previous chapter was released, fans expressed their concern about how short the chapter was after waiting for such a long time. But as the creator was facing serious health issues back then, it was understandable. Now fans are sent into ecstatic mode after hearing the news of getting two new chapters in one day. We hope Tabata sensei was able to recover well during the break and is in good health to deliver the latest chapters.

Let’s wait patiently to see how the final saga of Black Clover is about to unfold! That said, what are your expectations for the upcoming chapter? Drop your predictions in the comments below.

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