BGMI Is Finally Playable in India but with Some Rules!

BGMI can now be downloaded in India

Just a few days back, Krafton announced BGMI’s comeback in India after the popular battle royale sensation was greenlighted for operation by the Indian Government. Now, the game is finally available to download and play. Check out the details here.

BGMI is Now Available for Android!

BGMI can now be downloaded via the Google Play Store but is still not available for iOS users. This should happen soon, though. The return is marked by a new 2.5 update that features a refined gaming experience. It brings a new 1×1 map named Nusa. The map is the smallest one to date and is based on a remote tropical island. Some of the key features of the map include zipliners, gameplay features like zorb balls, combustible buildings, and much more.

Additionally, there is a Super Recall feature for squadrons. This feature allows team members to be recalled with any random weapon that dies in a specific time period. Solo players can be recalled automatically. There are now Tactical Crossbows that will be able to restore ziplines via loops and Fire Arrows to put certain buildings on fire. The Nusa map has also gained a new ATV model.

As part of the comeback, Krafton has introduced a number of special events that you can enjoy. One such is a special 7-day login event. If you log in for 7 continuous days, you will be rewarded with a purple-grade guardian set. Additionally, there is also a 15-day progressive Race to the Top in Battlegrounds event that can unlock a permanent pink-grade Badlands Punk outfit for you.

Additional updates include graphical enhancements, smoother gameplay, updates to the Livik map, ammunitions, vehicles, and handhelds.

However, there are a few rules too. Players under 18 can play the game for 3 hours only. Everyone else will be limited to 6 hours. Other safety features include parental verification and spending limit. Additionally, the battle royale game will be under a 90-day observation period by the Indian Government. It remains to be seen what the future of BGMI looks like in India. If you are a fan, you can easily download it from over here. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the return of BGMI in India in the comments below.

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