12 Best Suits for EVE in Stellar Blade

Besides the amazing storyline and variety Stellar Blade (review) packs, the game even has a lot of customization options. Did you know that EVE in Stellar Blade can be equipped with different kinds of outfits for use during her journey? However, the game packs a plethora of different suits that can be confusing to choose from. Let me make it easier as I talk about the best Stellar Blade suits right here. So, with that, let’s begin!

1. Black Pearl

EVE in Black Pearl outfit in Stellar Blade

I start my list with none other than the alluring Black Pearl nano suit. Said to be darker than a black pearl found in the seas, this suit is the hardest to unlock and done after collecting a total of 49 cans.

2. Blue Monsoon

EVE in Blue Monsoon outfit in Stellar Blade

Next, we have the Blue Monsoon suit, which is a perfect fit for the summer season. This two-piece swimsuit makes you the master of the seasonal winds. Beat the heat with this Stellar Blade suit.

3. Keyhole Dress

EVE in Keyhole Dress outfit in Stellar Blade

The exotic Keyhole Dress is said to have been meticulously crafted by Tetrastar C&T’s famous lead designer, “Galaxy” Alan. It offers a futuristic vibe and is said to wrap the outfit around an electromagnetic field to keep gaining the universe’s energy.

4. Cyber Magician

EVE in Cyber Magician outfit in Stellar Blade

If you want more of an acrobatic outfit to undergo on Stealth Missions, you can go with the Cyber Magician. It is stated that this outfit features micro-stealth drivers on both wrists to help you steal.

5. Cybernetic Bondage

EVE in Cybernetic Bondage outfit in Stellar Blade

Once again, we have yet another gorgeous outfit called Cybernetic Bondage, designed by Tetrastar C&T’s renowned lead designer, Galaxy Alan. It’s an attractive bodysuit with a halter-neck style and Quantum Nerves as its lining.

6. Cybernetic Dress

EVE in Cybernetic Dress in Stellar Blade

Cybernetic Dress is a pioneering outfit made by the Testrastar C&T in the future. This bodysuit with a black body harness is known as a wearable device, and I think we will never find out why.

7. Holiday Rabbit

EVE in Holiday Rabbit outfit in Stellar Blade

Gear up for summer with Holiday Rabbit, a one-piece swimsuit from the Holiday Collection by Tetrastar C&T. No matter the time of the day or the land you are in; you can easily go with this charming outfit.

8. Ocean Maid

EVE in Ocean Maid in Stellar Blade

The Ocean Maid outfit was designed with one motif in mind – a maid. It is a halfway strappy bodysuit with ruffle cuffs, another fine outfit for beach visits in the harshest summers.

9. Orca Exploration Suit

EVE in Orka Exploration Suit in Stellar Blade

Out of all the outfits here, this is the only outfit that’s a collaboration between two big fashion giants of Stellar Blade. This suit is said to be worn under your spacesuit during space exploration expeditions, so don’t forget to equip it.

10. Planet Diving Suit (2nd)

EVE in Planet Diving Suit (2nd) in Stellar Blade

The Planet Diving Suit (2nd)’s stealthy appearance makes it a perfect fit for undercover duty. It is a full-length bodysuit with a turtleneck and is said to be proudly worn by the Airborne Squad members.

11. Prototype Planet Diving Suit

EVE in Prototype Planet Diving Suit in Stellar Blade

We have another Planet Diving Suit here, but it is the other models’ prototype. It is a sleeveless full-length bodysuit with a high neck, and if our guess is correct, this is the first suit for Airborne Squad members.

12. Skin Suit

EVE in Skin Suit in Stellar Blade

Finally, we have the controversial Skin Suit, which has taken the spotlight ever since the game’s demo came out. This skinsuit is said to be specially crafted with care by Mother Sphere.

These are the best Stellar Blade outfits! The costume designers have poured their heart into crafting these exemplary costumes in modern gaming. However, at the end of the day, what outfit you choose is up to you!

What do you think about these Stellar Blade outfits? Let us know in the comments below!

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