10 Best Spider-Man 2 Suits for Peter Parker

While the focus of games like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is the great story that puts you in the shoes of a superhero, there’s doubt that beautiful cosmetics are a part of it. To add that visual aesthetic to our two spiders, Insomniac has included over 60 different suits for Peter and Miles in the game collectively. And while these suits don’t give you special powers and are purely cosmetic, they look extremely cool and, in some cases, downright deadly. However, every suit needs to be earned through tokens and tech parts. So, to save you time and focus on the ones that matter, we have highlighted the 10 best suits we loved for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2 in the list below.

1. Kumo Suit

One of the newest entries in Spider-Man 2, the Kumo Suit for Peter Parker, is straight out of Japanese culture and lore. The word Kumo itself means “Spider” in Japanese. As such, the suit is adorned with a stream of different tattoos that span throughout Peter’s entire body.

Kumo Suit Spider-Man 2

The lower half of the suit is traditional Samurai attire, while the mask itself is an intimidating war mask with four eyes. For all intents and purposes, the Kumo Suit in Spider-Man 2 has been made to strike fear in the hearts of your enemies. Get it as soon as you can.

2. Symbiote Suit

You already knew this was coming. Quite possibly one of the most incredible and most terrifying suits for Peter, the Symbiote Suit is a brand new entry into the game that takes some dark turns down its path. The suit itself is acquired once Peter gains Venom’s powers and slowly starts to lose grip on his relationships.

Symbiote Suit spider-man 2

As you can tell from looking, the Symbiote Suit has that unhinged aesthetic along with enhanced muscles all over that have been made so by the beast inside Peter. The white Spidey logo makes a nice contrast, too. Players gain access to the Symbiote Suit automatically as they progress through the story.

3. Into the Spider-Verse Noir Suit

Fans of previous games and movies will have already seen the Noir Suit in Spider-Man 2018. However, now the Spider-Verse Noir Suit makes its entry in Spider-Man 2. This suit looks almost the same as the previous one but with some differences. Like the movie, the suit hosts a classic trench coat that looks extremely cool.

Noir suit spider-man 2

This is topped off by a new hat that finishes the outfit and throws us back Into the Spider-Verse. The best part is that once equipped, Peter’s movement changes to the animations we saw in the movie. This for it makes it one of the best suits to get in Spider-Man 2.

4. Arachknight Suit

The Arachknight Suit is another brand-new entry and comes straight from Earth-616 from Marvel’s Spider-Man lore. The Arachknight Suit is a deadly combination of Spider-Man and Moon Knight that gives him not only his Spidey powers but a deadly mindset that spawned this creation.

arachknight suits spider-man 2 suits

As such, the suit contains elements of both characters along with some themed armor, a textured white cowl, and an almost mean-looking face mask to top it all off. And if you want to feel even meaner, adopt the all-black style of the suit. So, if you want to give Peter an edge, get this suit for him in the game.

5. Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit

Miguel O’Hara, also known as Spider-Man 2099, is a hero from an alternate universe who most of you might have seen during Across the Spider-Verse. O’Hara hunts down Miles in an effort to stop him from collapsing other universes. The Spider-Man 2099 Black Suit takes after the same design we saw in the game, and it looks as sharp as it did then.

Spider-Man 2099 suit

While the name is black, the entire suit follows a navy blue theme with red spider accents running alongside it. The suit also appears to be made from sterner stuff, so at least it looks tough, even if it won’t give you any powers. For this one, we recommend sticking to the original style. Get the Spider-Man 2099 for a taste of the Spider Society.

6. Superior Suit

For those of you who don’t know, the Superior Suit was created by Dr. Otto Octavious, who, for a time, took on Peter’s role as Spider-Man. While we already defeated the doc in the 2018 game, the suit inspired by him makes an entry in Spider-Man 2. Fans of the comics will find similarities here.

Superior Suit Spider-Man 2

The most prominent one is the back of the suit, which features handy openings for the good doctor’s tentacles. Furthermore, the goggles were also redesigned to fit more his style. Since Peter already has tentacles in the game, the Superior Suit fits him perfectly.

7. New Blue Suit

Spider-Man’s history of working with the Fantastic Four isn’t new. The Spidey has always loved the team and even holds close friendships with some of them. The New Blue Suit comes out of Peter Parker’s work with the Four after he helps them out. The suit is supposedly made out of the same unstable molecules that protect the Fantastic Four and is, hence, very durable.

New Blue suit spider-man 2

When it comes to aesthetics, it looks exactly as you would expect it to, with a black and blue theme running on the suit with a modern Spider logo. The other styles do look neat but to us, the appeal lies in the main one. While not the most popular version, we found it one of the best ones for Peter Parker.

8. Webbed Black Suit

After a lot of back and forth, including some harsh words from both sides, Insomniac added the famous Webbed Suit into Spiderman 2018. Inspired by Sam Raimi’s Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire), the Webbed Suit is an all-time favorite of old Spidey fans who grew up watching these films.

Webbed Black Suit Spider-Man 2

While the suit is present in the new game, the newest addition is the Webbed Black Suit, which Tobey turns into when Venom takes over him. The ever-famous suit follows the same vivid web line design but is instead black and much meaner looking. If you’re a new fan, the Webbed Black Suit won’t hold much appeal, but to Sam Raimi veterans, you will love this suit.

9. Spider-Punk

While the Spider-Punk suit was available in the 2018 game, it was a pre-order bonus and locked behind level progression. Spider-Man 2 brings this suit right back, and it is as punky as we remember it. The suit features a very non-conforming punky Liberty Spikes hairstyle, albeit reduced in number. You naturally get a trucker jacket to go along with it.

Spider-Punk Suit

For the edgy fans, there are punk rock belts and bracelets as accessories, coupled with some nice sneakers. So, if you’re a player who missed unlocking it in Spider-Man 2018, now’s the chance.

10. Anti-Venom Suit

We end the list with one of the most powerful and new suits in the game. Given to Peter towards the end of Spider-Man 2, the Anti-Venom suit is the branded destruction of one of the game’s antagonists. Since the namesake is naturally against Venom, the suit features an all-white design with smooth black undertones running on it.

Anti-Venom suit spider-man 2

There are some Venom influences near the eyes and logo, but the intention is to contrast the symbiote. While we won’t spoil the add-ons for you, the Anti-Venom Suit also gives you the best Spiderman 2 abilities because of its cannon nature. Once you get the suit, make sure to use it to its full potential.

And there we have it. We hope you enjoyed our list of the best suits for Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. If you’re looking for his partner, then you can check out the best Miles Morales suits right here and equip the kid with new threads. So, which suit is your favorite in Spider-Man 2? Drop your suggestions in the comments below!

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