7 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Protectors

When you are dealing with an expensive investment like Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, having an extra layer of safeguard against accidental drops becomes a must. After all, no one knows when an unexpected bump could leave the beautiful display badly scratched or cracked, do they? If you have bought the brand new Note 20 Ultra, you shouldn’t fail to equip the spec-king with a durable screen guard so that the dynamic 6.9-inch 120Hz display can stay protected from scuffs and scratches. Take a glance at these best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra screen protectors to choose an ideal defender for the 6.9″ monster display.

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Protectors

It’s worth noting that we have already rounded up the top cases and covers for Note 20 Ultra. If you are yet to buy a protective yet stylish suit for your all-new phablet, make sure to check them out. In this lineup, I have picked out both the tempered glass and TPU film screen defenders.

While tempered glass screen guards are known to have a bit more hardness and can resist nasty impact, the TPU film screen protectors are little more sensitive to the touch and also offer top-notch clarity. Not just that, the liquid screen guards are also designed to work with the in-display fingerprint scanner more efficiently.

Now that you know what these highly-rated screen protectors for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra have in store, let’s head over the jump to choose one for your device!

1. ESR – Edge-to-Edge Coverage for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Display

ESR is well-known for producing top-quality screen protectors for smartphones and tablets. And its offering for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra has got everything covered to stand out. First and foremost, the screen guard offers edge-to-edge coverage to the 6.9″ inch display thanks to the curved display.


Secondly, the company touts that it can withstand up to 5 KG of pressure which is more than capable to let you keep the expensive display protected from accidental damage. Protection aside, the ESR screen defender is also compatible with the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor so that you can unlock your phablet without any pain.

Notably, the screen guard offers high-transparency so that the dynamic display can continue to look pleasing to the eyes. Considering these specs, ESR screen guard seems to be a safe bet at $14.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99 (pack of 2)

2. PULEN – High-Definition Clarity for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Display

If high-definition clarity is on top of your priority list, this TPU film screen protector from PULEN can be a better option for your smartphone. The screen guard features laser-cut-dimensions to fit perfectly on the 6.9″ dynamic display without interfering with the camera and mic.

PULEN for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Protector

Another feature that makes PULEN screen defender a touch better than many other counterparts is the presence of hydrophobic and oleophobic coating. As a result, it’s more sensitive to the touch and also has better resistance to fight out smudge and fingerprints.

Furthermore, it’s also designed to work with the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor so that unlocking the device and authenticating purchases remains smooth-sailing. Do note that it comes with a couple of camera lens screen guards to keep the massive camera bump protected.

Buy from Amazon: $11.99 (pack of 2)

3. LK – Completely Bubble-Free Screen Guard for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

When it comes to producing reasonably good-quality screen guards at a relatively low price point, LK is second to none. Even this time around the company has come up with reliable screen guards (three-pack) for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at a comparatively low price ($10.99).

L K Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 6.9 Inch

Made of high-quality TPU film, the screen guards are bubble-free and sports neat cutouts for perfect installation. If you hate to deal with bubbles during installation, you would appreciate this screen guard.

Thanks to the self-healing technology, they can also ensure minor scratches. Protection aside, it supports the ultrasonic in-screen fingerprint so that you can unlock your Note 20 Ultra and authenticate purchases without any hassle.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99 (pack of 3)

4. EGV – Reliable Protector for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Display and Camera

While EGV may not be a major name, its screen protector is at par with the best in the business. The screen guard features HD clarity to get the most out of the dynamic 6.9-inch 120Hz display. So, the display will continue to look pristine.

EGV [2 Pack] Screen Protector + [2 Pack] Camera Lens Protector for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

As for protection, EGV claims that the screen protector boasts 9H hardness. That means it can safely endure impact and scratches. Beyond protection, it’s completely bubble-free and case-friendly which helps it work with most cases in the market.

That’s not all, the company offers this screen protector with two-pack camera lens protectors to safeguard the prominent camera array as well.

Buy from Amazon: $14.99 (pack of 2)

5. UniqueMe 2

If you have set your sight on buying relatively cheap screen protectors and camera lens protectors for your Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, keep in mind this offering from UniqueMe 2. The company offers two-pack screen guards and two-pack camera lens protectors. So, both the display and camera bump have the essential defense against scratches.

UniqueMe 2 Pack Camera Lens Protector for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

It’s worth noting that the screen guards are made of TPU film and offer full-safeguard to the touchscreen. They are also bubble-free and feature precise cutouts. As for the camera lens defenders, they are made of tempered glass for additional defense against impact and scratches.

Buy from Amazon: $12.99 (pack of 2)

6. maxboss – Privacy Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Sporting 3D curved edge, maxboss is designed to offer full-screen safeguard to the 6.9″ display of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Boasting durable tempered glass construction, it’s strong enough to survive the impact and also thwart scuffs at a fair distance. Add to that the 9H hardness and it becomes an able defender for the touchscreen.


But what puts maxboss at the forefront is the anti-spy design that ensures your personal information has the essential shield against the prying eyes. It features microlouver optical technology to offer 180° privacy protection. That aside, it’s equally sensitive to the touch and prevents dust, smudge, and oil from building up.

Everything considered; maxboss is one of the best privacy screen protectors for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in the market right now.

Buy from Amazon: $13.99 


Another screen protector that packs a solid punch way above its weight is QITAYO. The flexible screen protector is made of anti-scratch to ensure the ultra-large display remains secure. Featuring curved edge and laser-cut dimensions, it provides full coverage to the display.

QITAYO Designed for Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

As for clarity, QITAYO excels in offering high transparency, thereby allowing the rich display to deliver the best performance during gaming or video streaming. Being fingerprint and sweat resistant, it also retains the touch sensitivity for long.

Courtesy the full adhesive, the screen guard doesn’t come off after installation. Besides, the adhesive also plays a vital role in making the installation a painless experience by keeping bubbles away.

Buy from Amazon: $10.99 (pack of 3)

Top Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Screen Protectors

So, these are the highly-rated screen defenders for Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Considering how expensive the repairing cost is, it’s always better to choose protection right from the start rather than bear the brunt of accidental damage.

I hope you have found the right screen protector for your all-new Galaxy device to safeguard the screen against unwanted damage. By the way, which one have you chosen for your device? Is it the one made of tempered glass or the one constructed with TPU film? It would be great to know about your choice.

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