12 Best Pixel 4 Screen Protectors You Can Buy

While past Pixel phones have been marred by display issues, this year Google has made sure to pick an excellent panel for the Pixel 4 series. DisplayMate gave the 2019 Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL display its highest rating of A+. Apart from that, this year Google has brought a 90Hz Smooth Display which makes it more awesome. That means Pixel 4 users are going to have a blast while using the phone. However, that also means that you will need to protect your Pixel 4’s display even more diligently as the replacement panel will certainly cost more. So in this article, we bring you the 12 best Pixel 4 screen protectors which can withstand hard falls, scratches, and dents without affecting the display. Now without further delay, let’s go through the list.

1. LK

LK produces one of the best screen protectors for Pixel devices. It uses high-quality glass with amazing touch sensitivity. It’s a tempered glass with 9H hardness rating which means the device can easily withstand abrasive scratches and drops. Also, the screen protector comes with a wide cutout for all the sensors including the camera, Soli chip, flood illuminator, and more. Basically, you will not have any issues with Motion Sense and Face Unlock features. Apart from that, you can easily install the screen protector using the guidance frame without any bubble or air gaps on the screen. Simply put, if you want a tried and tested screen protector for your Pixel 4, LK is a definite pick.

1. LK best pixel 4 screen protectors

Buy from Amazon: $8.99 [Pack of 3]


Made of high-grade tempered glass, QITAYO screen protector can offer full-screen coverage to the 5.70-inch touchscreen of your iPhone Google Pixel 4. With the laser-cut dimensions and the rounded corners, the screen defender fits perfectly on the screen. As for scratch-resistance, it boasts 9H hardness to ward off even sharp scuffs and accidental impact. So, the screen guard can prove to be quite handy in terms of shielding the display of your Pixel device. That’s not all, QITAYO also delivers up to 99.99% HD clarity to ensure the display can continue to deliver original quality.


Buy from Amazon: $8.99 [Pack of 3]

3. Buluby

Sporting curved edges, Buluby offers an edge-to-edge safeguard the 5.70-inch display of Pixel 4. The durable tempered glass features an industry-standard hardness to endure even brutal scratches. Aside from protection, the screen guard also delivers high-clarity so that the display can continue to look crisp. Add to that the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating and it looks fully equipped to retain both the transparency and responsiveness for long. What’s more, Buluby is also compatible with Pixel 4 cases so that you can use any type of case with your smartphone. And that’s what makes it one of the most essential accessories for your Pixel 4.


Buy from Amazon: $7.72 [Pack of 3]


Omoton does not need much introduction in the world of screen protectors. It produces some of the best screen protectors for flagship devices including the Pixel 4. The screen protector is scratch-resistant and comes with a 9H hardness rating so that is good. Further, it can resist accidental scuffs and scratches by hard objects without leaving any mark on the display. And the best part is that the sensor area has a complete cut-out. In tandem, you will have a smooth experience with Face Unlock and hand gestures on the Pixel. To bare it all, Omoton offers a reliable screen protector for Pixel 4 and you can give it a try without any second thoughts.

3. OMOTON best pixel 4 screen protectors

Buy from Amazon: $8.99 [Pack of 4]

5. Prism Screen Protector by Dbrand

While Dbrand produces some of the best skins for smartphones, it has also started offering a premium screen protector called Prism and it’s available for Pixel 4. Unlike other screen protectors that use toughened glass, Dbrand is using a polymer film to create a dual-layer of glass hybrid design. The company claims that it helps the display make shatter-proof with better impact resistance. And the Prism screen protector covers the whole screen from the sensors to the bottom. So, if you want to try out the new screen protector by Dbrand, you can get one for your Pixel 4.

4. Prism Screen Protector by Dbrand

Buy from Dbrand: $26.96

6. ESR

ESR is surely one of the best screen protectors for Pixel 4 with amazing endurance and touch response. It’s a curved tempered glass designed to protect the display from heavy falls and dust too. The company claims that ESR can withstand up to 11lbs of force without affecting the display from any sort of damage. That’s absolutely nuts, right? And that is not all. You still get high-clarity viewing experience without any smudges as it comes with oleophobic coating. Further, ESR covers the whole display including the sensor areas, but you have some cutouts for major sensors like the front camera and Soli chip so no worries there. All in all, if you are looking for a premium screen protector for your Pixel 4, you can give it a go.

5. ESR

Buy from Amazon: $13.99 [Pack of 2]

7. amFilm

amFilm is ranked among the best screen protectors for Pixel 4 because it offers solid protection to the display without breaking the touch sensitivity. It comes with a 0.33mm tempered glass which is resilient to heavy drops and scratches. Also, the transparency of this screen protector is pretty good with natural viewing from all angles. And similar to LK, amFilm has a wide cutout for all the sensors so that it does not cause a problem to Motion Sense or Face Unlock. I would say, go with amFilm if you want solid protection and the best touch experience on Pixel 4.

2. amFilm

Buy from Amazon: $8.99 [Pack of 3]

8. Supershieldz

Supershieldz offers another high-quality tempered glass which is designed to protect Pixel 4’s display from hard falls and scratches. It has a 2.5D rounded edge glass so the screen protector covers the entire screen without leaving any space for accidents. Also, the glass is 9H hardness rated with hydrophobic and oleophobic coating on top of it. And similar to most screen protectors in this list, Supershieldz too skips the sensor area for seamless Face Unlock. I would say if you want a screen protector for your Pixel 4 that you can count on Supershieldz.

6. Supershieldz

Buy from Amazon: $6.99 [Pack of 2]

9. Pleson

Pleson is popular for making smartphone accessories, but you can also try its screen protector on the Google Pixel 4. Just like other screen protectors in this list, Pleson offers a 2.5D tempered glass having a 9H hardness rating. Also, the glass has curved edges so it can protect your phone screen from edge to edge. Other than that, the screen protector indeed has an oleophobic coating to keep the display free from any oily residue. Also, the screen protector has two cutouts for the front camera and the Soli radar chip that comes with Pixel 4. So, if you want a curved screen protector with all-around protection then you can give it a try.

7. Pleson best pixel 4 screen protectors

Buy from Amazon: $7.99 [Pack of 3]


MP-Mall is our next screen protector for Pixel 4 which comes with a 9H hardness rating and is amply capable against drops and scratches. The tempered glass is quite polished and has amazing transparency. Apart from that, you also get an alignment frame for effortless installation. You will have no gaps or bubbles on your Pixel 4 HDR display. Also, there is a wide cutout for all the sensors on top so that is good. All said and done, if other screen protectors don’t cut for you then give a shot at MP-Mall.


Buy from Amazon: $8.99 [Pack of 3]

11. UniqueMe

UniqueMe offers a reliable screen protector for Pixel 4 with excellent transparency and color accuracy. It’s a 2.5D tempered glass so the screen is covered right up to the edges. The screen protector also comes with an oleophobic coating which helps in repelling oils, fingerprints, and smudges. Since the screen protector is quite thick, the display is protected from hard falls and scratches. Other than that, it has cutouts for ear speaker and front-facing camera which should not pose any problem to Face Unlock. All in all, UniqueMe is a popular choice among past Pixel users and you can definitely try it for once.

9. UniqueMe

Buy from Amazon: $7.99 [Pack of 3]

12. Ferilinso

Ferilinso is our final screen protector in this list for Google Pixel 4. Similar to others, it’s a tempered glass having both scratch resistance and shatter-proof design. Since the glass is 9H hardness rated, you can expect better endurance against heavy drops. Further, the glass comes with an anti-fingerprint coating so that is great for keeping the display clean from oily smudges. Also, there is a cutout for Pixel 4’s front camera so Face Unlock should be a breeze. To conclude, Ferilinso is a decent screen protector and you can surely give it a try.

10. Ferilinso best pixel 4 screen protectors

Buy from Amazon: $6.99 [Pack of 4]

Protect Your Pixel 4’s Display with the Best Screen Protectors

So those were our picks for the 12 best screen protectors for Pixel 4. Since the Pixel device comes with top of the line AMOLED display, you should ensure the screen is protected against all odds. I have mentioned some of the best ones available right now so go ahead and pick on based on your preference. Anyway, that is all from us. If you liked our selection, do let us know in the comment section below.

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