10 Best Pixel 4 Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Google launched the Pixel 4 series yesterday and as always, some have written off the device just after the launch and some are all praises for the new Pixel lineup. Well, no matter where you fall on that scale, you should know that like all the other phones on the market, it has its pros and cons. If you have pre-ordered the smaller Pixel 4, you should consider getting a case for the overall protection of your device. While White and Oh So Orange variants come with a matte finish, a case is still recommended since glass is fragile no matter what. And if you have got the glossy Black variant then you must have a case to shield your device. Having said that, here are the 10 best Pixel 4 cases and covers that you can buy right now.

1. Fabric Case by Google

Google creates some of the best fabric cases for its Pixel lineup of devices. And this year too, they have brought a soft, knitted fabric case for Google Pixel 4. The case comes in 4 traditional Google colors: Just Black, Sorta Smoky, Blue-ish and Could be Coral. That’s amazing, right? Other than that, the case uses soft microfiber lining on the inside to protect the back from any scratches. The fabric case is also compatible with Pixel Stand which means no need to remove the case for wireless charging. Simply put, if you want a case that can accompany your Pixel 4 in the quirky Google fashion, just get the Fabric case.

1. Fabric Case by Google Best Pixel 4 Cases

Buy from Google: $40

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid

We don’t need to introduce Spigen and their tough armor case. However, since last year, Spigen brought a new series called Neo Hybrid which I really like. It’s not bulky like the tough armor case but offers a similar level of protection both from scratches and drops. The case is made of lightweight TPU material so it’s quite slim and feels quite comfortable in the hand. Further, the case also uses hard poly carbonate material around the screen and camera bump to shield them from cracks. And just like the Fabric case, this one too supports wireless charging on the Pixel 4. All in all, if you want both protection and looks then you can definitely rely on Spigen.

2. Spigen Neo Hybrid

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

3. Dbrand Grip Case

Of late, Dbrand is creating some heavy-duty cases along with its popular skins. They are calling it the Grip case and frankly, it looks awesome while providing 360-degree protection from all sides at the same time. The best part is that you can customize the Grip case with all the popular Dbrand skins from its catalog. Apart from that, it is using advanced shock-absorbing polymers which is said to have much better durability and high impact protection. There are also marked stripes on the rails to provide a better grip on your device. Not to mention, the case is compatible with Pixel 4 wireless charging. So to sum up, if you liked the Dbrand skins, but avoided them because of no drop protection, now is the best time to get the Dbrand Grip case. It’s the best of both worlds.

Pixel 4 Dbrand Case

Buy from Dbrand: Starts at $26.96

4. Caseology Skyfall

Caseology is known for creating high-end cases for flagship devices and this year, they have brought their signature Skyfall case for Google Pixel 4. It comes in two separate parts. One is completely transparent which covers the whole back of the device and another is a hard shell that covers the corners against drops. So if you have bought the Oh So Orange variant of the Pixel 4 then you can show off its color without sacrificing protection. Apart from that, you get precise cutouts and tactile buttons so no worries there. Further, the case also supports wireless charging so that is great. To conclude, if you want a transparent case with built-in protection then the Skyfall case by Caseology is a great pick.

4. Caseology Skyfall

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

5. Bellroy Leather Case

If you want a leather case for Pixel 4 then there is no better case maker than Bellroy. They create the best leather cases for Pixel devices and you can definitely give it a shot. The case is made of tanned leather and flex polymer to give you a premium feeling of real leather. It also uses a soft microfiber lining inside the case similar to the Fabric case so that is awesome. On top of it, you will have no problem with Active Edge and wireless charging having while this case is on your device. As I said above, if you want a leather case for Pixel 4, look no further.

5. Bellroy Leather Case Best Pixel 4 Cases

Buy from Bellroy: $40

6. Totallee Case

Totallee is another well-known case maker for Pixel devices. If you want a thin and lightweight case for your Pixel 4, their thin case is the best one to get. It’s completely transparent and made of flexible TPU material. The hand feel is quite grippy as it has this rubbery finish on the back. While the case does not provide full-proof protection from all sides, it’s definitely a good choice for everyday protection against scratches and minor drops. You also get two color options, Frosted Clear and Solid Black for your Pixel 4. To sum up, go for the Totallee case if you handle your device carefully and need something to protect the back from daily scratches and bumps.

6. Totallee Case

Buy from Totallee: $29

7. Tudia Case

You can consider the Tudia case for Pixel 4 as it offers heavy-duty protection and also a slim fit profile. The case is made of high-quality polycarbonate and TPU material to bring all-around protection to the device. It also has raised edges around the corner to protect the display from scrapes and drops. With this case, you will not need a screen protector as the two layers absorb and disperse the shock after a high-impact fall. The ase features precise cut-outs for all the buttons and sensors so no worries on these fronts as well. To conclude, if you want a heavy-duty case for Pixel 4, but at a cheaper price than Tudia is a worthy case to consider.

7. Tudia Case Best Pixel 4 Cases

Buy from Amazon: $11.49

8. Temdan Case

Temdan is another transparent case for Pixel 4 which offers decent protection from scratches and bumps. As is with other clear cases, this case is also made of soft TPU material with a matte finish on the back. This keeps the device slim and easier to use. Apart from that, the case is compatible with wireless charging and you can invoke Google Assistant by squeezing the sides of the device without any issues. The cutouts and dimensions are extremely precise and you will have no problem with the fit and finish of the case. So, if you want a clear case for the Google Pixel 4, you can reliably count on Temdan.

8. Temdan Case

Buy from Amazon: $9.99

9. Starhemei Case

Starhemei is a relatively new case maker, but their protective case from last year for Pixel 3 was excellent. Now, the company has created a solid case for Pixel 4 which offers all-around protection with durability and comfort in mind. But before that, the Starhemei case costs much lower than any other heavy-duty case in the market and that makes it a better deal. It’s made of durable plastic and anti-stretch TPU rubber material for high impact protection. Further, it also has raised lips around the screen so you are well protected from drops too. But that is not all, it has this fabric texture on the back and it will definitely go well with the Pixel users. So, if you want an affordable heavy-duty case for Pixel 4, get this one by Starhemei.

9. Starhemei Case

Buy from Amazon: $6.89

10. Thonzer Case

Thonzer is our final case in this list for Pixel 4. The case is quite slim and made of TPU material with an anti-slip coating on the back. Further, it offers a better grip due to the textured layer on the back and side grills. That said, the case comes with precise cutouts for camera, sensors and various ports. You also get really clicky buttons so that is a plus. To sum up, if you have a glossy black variant of Pixel 4 then this case can help you get a much better grip on your device. You can definitely consider this case for your Pixel 4.

10. Thonzer Case Best Pixel 4 Cases

Buy from Amazon: $7.99

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Protect Pixel 4 With Your Favorite Case

So that was our list of 10 best Pixel 4 cases and covers that are available in the market right now. I have included cases for different price points, both from premium to affordable ones. Apart from that, I have also mentioned cases made of different materials like leather and fabric. So go ahead and pick a case based on your preference. Anyway, that is all from us. If you liked our selection, do comment down below and let us know your favorite pick from the list.

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