10 Best OnePlus 3T Cases and Covers You Can Buy

OnePlus recently launched their latest and greatest flagship – the OnePlus 3T. This phone is to the OnePlus 3, what the iPhone 6S was, to the iPhone 6. That is, it’s more of an internal improvement over what is essentially the same design. The OnePlus 3T features a Snapdragon 821 SOC, 6 GB of RAM, 16 MP front facing cam and comes in a 128GB model, as well. There is no doubt, that at $439, it is probably one of the best smartphones in its range. So, if you’ve just ordered the OnePlus 3T, or if you’re planning on buying it, here are the best cases you can get to protect your brand new phone:

1. OnePlus 3/3T Ebony Wood Case

The Ebony Wood case, from OnePlus, is a quality case that is made out of the finest quality Ebony wood. It is cut using the latest heat cutting technologies, and guarantees a perfect fit on your brand new phone. The case comes with an elevated shell design, which is meant to offer your phone the highest protection possible, while still keeping the case slim, and light-weight.


Buy from OnePlus.net ($24.95)

2. Otterbox Case for OnePlus 3/3T

This case from Otterbox is custom designed to offer the greatest amount of protection to the OnePlus 3/3T. The case comes with a dual layer design, with a hard PC outer shell to protect from bumps, and scratches; and a soft inner shell to absorb shock.


The case comes in three colors: Cardinal Red, Saharan White, and Dark Matter (which is basically black).

Buy from OnePlus.net ($24.95)

3. Spigen Rugged Armor OnePlus 3/3T Case

The Spigen Rugged Armor case is a flexible case made from TPU. It comes with a raised lip on both sides, to protect the screen, and the camera, in case your phone falls flat on it’s face, or back. Looks wise, the case features carbon fibre textures, and glossy accents which makes it look really great. The button covers in the case are tactile, which is great, because they offer good feedback upon pressing. The case also has air-cushions to absorb shock, if you end up dropping your phone.

Buy from Amazon ($12.99)

4. Spigen Ultra Hybrid OnePlus 3/3T Case

The OnePlus 3, and the OnePlus 3T are great looking devices. So, if you don’t want to hide the looks of your phone, you can go with the clear Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. The case is made from hard polycarbonate, and comes with a TPU bumper to protect against bumps, and shocks, while having a slim profile. It also has raised lips, to protect the screen, and the camera, along with large cutouts so you have clear access to all of the ports on the OnePlus 3T.


Buy from Amazon ($12.99)

5. OnePlus 3/3T Karbon Case

Another great looking official case, the Karbon Case from OnePlus is made from Kevlar – the material found in a lot of bulletproof objects. It offers a great amount of protection to the OnePlus 3T. The case comes in a subtle black and gray design, which looks rather stealthy, and stylish, while protecting the phone in the best possible way. The OnePlus 3/3T Karbon case weighs in at only 12 grams, so you’re not likely to feel a lot of bulk if you use it.


Buy from OnePlus.net ($24.95)

6. OnePlus 3/3T Flip Cover

If you’re the kind of person that prefers having a flip cover for their phone, then this one from OnePlus is the best option for you. The cover is made from supple PU leather, feels great, and looks like a premium case should. The best part about having a flip cover on a phone, is that the screen is always protected.


It also has many other pros, such as the fact that you can simply close the flip cover, and the screen of your OnePlus 3T will turn off, helping to preserve battery. The flip cover comes in three colors – Sand, Black, and Gray, so you can choose according to your taste.

Buy from OnePlus.net ($19.95)

7. Oeago Rugged Case for OnePlus 3/3T

Another great looking rugged case for the OnePlus 3T – this case from Oeago comes with an inner sleeve made from TPU, to absorb shock; while the hard Polycarbonate back protects your phone against bumps, and drops. The TPU layer is twice as thick on the corners for additional protection. Also, if you like watching movies on your phone, the case comes with a built-in, foldable kick-stand, that you can use to comfortably enjoy any movie, or video on your smartphone.


Buy from Amazon ($7.99)

8. Poetic Affinity Series Case for OnePlus 3/3T

The Poetic Affinity Series Case is a clear case for the OnePlus 3T, made from Polycarbonate. It is moulded with TPU to provide stylish looks, along with a great grip, and added protection. The X form factor design of the case protects the OnePlus 3T against corner drops, and the case also has a pattern on the sides, to provide added grip, and prevent the phone from sliding out of your hands.


In case your phone falls face down on a flat surface, the raised lip design of the case will definitely protect your screen from getting damaged.

Buy from Amazon ($12.95)

9. Love Ying Ultra Thin Case for OnePlus 3/3T

If you don’t want to lose the look, and feel of your OnePlus 3T, but still want some sort of protection on your phone, the Love Ying Ultra Thin Case is probably the one for you. The case is super slim, and has a perfect fit for the OnePlus 3T, so you can flaunt the original look of the device, while still getting some amount of protection, just in case. The case offers full access to all the buttons on the device, and comes with large cutouts to fit most cables. It also has a raised lip design, to protect the screen, and the camera from impact.


Buy from Amazon ($6.98)

10. Remex OnePlus 3/3T Case

The Remex case for the OnePlus 3T provides easy access to all the ports and buttons on the device, and has large cutouts, so you can easily connect most cables to your phone. The case comes in a slim profile, and offers dust, and scratch protection to the OnePlus 3T. It has a minimalistic design, and is meant for people who want a good looking case that offers a bit of protection, as well. The Remex case comes in three different colors: red, blue, and black.


Buy from Amazon ($8.99)

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Keep Your OnePlus 3/3T Safe with These Cases

No matter how carefully you handle your device, you will end up dropping it, at least once. So, it is always a good idea to have a case on your device. There are a lot of great cases to choose from, ranging from cases that offer uncompromising prothttps://beebom.com/best-usb-type-c-power-banks/ection, to ones that look great, and try to preserve the original look of the device. Whatever your preference, this list will probably have the right case for you. However, if you know of any other great cases that we may have missed out on, do let us know in the comments section below.

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