23 Best Notion Widgets You Should Try

Apps like Notion have risen to become more than just simple notetaking solutions of recent. With the pandemic pushing everyone indoors, people have now transformed notetaking apps like Notion into complete dashboards and workspaces to operate out of. One of the many things Notion supports is third-party widgets that all but change the app into a convenient control center. So if you are a Notion user who’s looking to spice up your dashboard or pages, we are here to help. We have compiled a list of the best Notion widgets you can use in 2023 to achieve peak productivity. So open up the Notion app on the side and begin reading to try out the widgets right away!

What Are Widgets in Notion?

Simply put, a widget is a simple-to-use application that you can integrate into another app. In our case, a Notion widget is a piece of web code we can insert into our Notion dashboard or even a single page. The widget will give you helpful and relevant information, and in most cases, can even be customized to your needs.

Depending on which website you are using to get your widget, you can add an array of things, including a calendar, local weather guide, a whiteboard, or even a daily quote widget to your Notion workspace. Once added, you do not need to update it frequently as widgets are auto-updating. With that said, let’s see how you embed widgets in Notion.

1. Weather Widget

weather widget notion

One of the most significant things we regularly keep checking is the weather conditions. However, it can get tiring to keep opening your phone over and over again. If you would like to keep a handy weather widget on your Notion page, it’s easy to do so. These aesthetically pleasing weather widgets will not only tell you about the weather out there but keep you company with their animations. While we are partial to the weather widget by Indify, there are other options available that you can embed all the same.

Check out Indify Weather Weather (Requires log-in)
Alternatives: Weather Widget and WeatherWidget.io

2. Daily Quotes Widget

quote widget notion

We don’t know about you, but daily words of wisdom are amazing. If you are a Notion user who likes to have a bit of motivational wisdom by their side, this is the perfect widget for you. The best thing about these quote widgets is that they come with an equally pleasing image.

Moreover, these widgets are updated daily with a new quote, so be prepared to see fresh content every day. And if you want a daily quotes widget with beautiful images, we suggest you sign up for Aesthetic Quotes. It is due to release soon. As before, simply embed any of the widgets into your Notion dashboard or document, and you are all set.

Check out Indify Quote Widget (Requires Log-in)
Alternatives: Quote of the Day and Aesthetic Quotes Widget (Early Sign-up)

3. Clock Widget


The new work-from-home culture has pushed people to manage their time like never before. With deadlines looming over our heads, it’s only natural you want to keep track of the second. For those reasons and many more, you must have a virtual clock widget inside Notion.

You can customize the clock widget to your needs, make it go from analog to digital, and even adjust the minute or hour hand styles. You can change time zones and add a world clock as well. So select the clock widget that best suits your needs and embed it to keep track of time.

Check out Indify Customizable Clock Widget (Requires Log-in)
Alternatives: World Clock Widget and WidgetBox Clock (Requires Log-in)

4. Google Calendar Widget

16 Best Notion Widgets You Should Try

A perfect companion to the clock, the Google Calendar widget is a useful tool for keeping track of all your events. From task reminders to meetings, everything will be available at a glance once you add this widget. If you are someone who frequently checks their calendar, this widget for Notion is a must-have for you. Be sure to sign in to your Google account and enable permissions to properly add the widget. Don’t worry since the instructions are right there with it.

Check out Indify Google Calendar Widget
Alternative: Google Calendar Widget

5. Whiteboard Widget


If you are a student looking for a whiteboard to sketch something, this widget will do you wonders. The whiteboard widget for Notion comes with all the tools you would need and works without any lag even though it’s embedded into a document. You also get different highlight colors and an undo shortcut in case you make any mistakes. So the next time you feel like quickly jotting down something in a lecture or meeting, draw it on the whiteboard widget.

Check out Whiteboard Widget

6. Pomodoro Widget


For those unaware, the Pomodoro technique is a time management method wherein people use slots of time divided into 25 minutes to work with 5 minutes of break. The Pomodoro Technique has been tried and tested by many and helps boost productivity.

If you are using Notion for work on a daily, try adding a Pomodoro widget and work in 25-minute slots. Moreover, if you would rather try a beautiful-looking timer widget, then be sure to sign up for the Aesthetic Pomodoro Widget below. Users interested in Pomodoro apps and overall best apps for productivity can also check these out and remain at their peak efficiency. To sum it up, Pomodoro timers are super efficient to take your workflow to the next level.

Check out Pomodoro Widget
Alternative: Aesthetic Pomodoro Widget (Early Sign-Up)

7. Spotify Widget


Who doesn’t like listening to music while they work or relax? Whether it’s chill Lo-Fi beats to calm you down or Metallica rock, we all thrive on something. If you want to breathe some audible life into your Notion dashboard, a Spotify widget is just what you need. After you add a Spotify widget from the link below, do read the instructions to learn how to add embed links for specific songs to this Notion widget, which is one of the best on this list. Depending on what you need, be sure to use the widget to its fullest and listen away.

Check out Spotify Widget

8. Apple Music Widget

Apple Music

Music listeners in the Apple ecosystem shouldn’t feel left out either. The Apple Music widget for Notion brings support for the ever-popular music service to your docs. All you need to do is either visit the widget page or directly visit the Apple Music website and copy your embed code. If you want to see how it will look like, follow the link below and try adding the widget yourself.

Check out Apple Music Widget

9. Notion Prism Icon Pack – Paid

Notion icon pack
Image Courtesy: vyshnav.xyz

This widget adds functionality to Notion in various ways. But what about the time when you want to revamp your Notion doc for a different experience altogether? That is where a new icon pack comes in. Made by an independent engineer, the Prism icon pack contains over 1200 minimal icons that fit across various categories and support 20 colors. These beautiful icons make your docs look stand out while sticking to being minimal in nature. If you want a new icon set and have some money to spare, do check out this icon pack.

Get Notion Prism Icons (Paid, $8)

10. Calculator Widget

16 Best Notion Widgets You Should Try

Times when you need to find out how many apples Mary has after giving five to Steve, a calculator will come to your rescue. Having a calculator embedded in your Notion dashboard will ensure any quick calculation doesn’t require you to open up your phone. To make things interesting, this calculator widget is an attractive one with buttons painted with aesthetic colors. Try adding this widget to your Notion page and see how it looks.

Check out the Aesthetic Calculator
Check out BMI Calculator (Bonus)

11. Buy Me A Coffee Widget

buy me a coffee notion widget

With everyone living in such sensitive times, it’s natural for people to ask for support to help their creative work going. If you are a creative professional trying to promote their page or someone looking for a way to help others, this is the best Notion widget for you. The “Buy Me A Coffee” widget helps pave the way for you and other users to collect small donations via their Notion dashboard. You can also use it to collect payments while selling your art, accessories, and more.

Check out Buy me a Coffee widget

12. Twitter Widget

Notion twitter

While bringing social media into your work routine will not exactly help it, there are many uses for having a Twitter feed integrated into Notion. You might feel like catching up on the news, looking at updates people are churning out on your brand, or display your Twitter feed to keep buyers up-to-date. If you want to add any Twitter timeline to your Notion page, there’s thankfully a widget for that. Visit the Twitter widget below and follow the instructions. You can even get a live demo of the widget to get a taste of how it will look like.

Check out Twitter Widget for Notion

13. Life Progress Bar

life progress bar

A life progress bar is an unconventional yet effective way of keeping track of your goals and how fast you are hitting them. This intuitive progress bar by Indify helps you visualize your lifespan and gives you beautiful bars for various time metrics. You can measure a range of timelines from your weekly goals to even yearly ones. This widget for Notion is very customizable, and you can tailor it according to your birth date and age.

Check out Life Progress Bar Widget

14. Giphy Widget


Giphy is a humorous yet handy website that lets upload and embed a variety of GIFs. If you like seeing small looping videos on your Notion dashboard, the Giphy widget embed is something you can get behind. You can even clip and upload your own GIF and then insert it into a Notion page. Simply click the link below and follow the instructions to get started with this cool Notion widget.

Check out Giphy Widget

Google Trends

Much like Twitter, there are various other ways you can keep up with the general news. While Google Trends is more of a tool professional content creators use, you can embed it into your Notion page if you’re fond of using Google a lot. The Google Trends widget like name keeps track of the most searched keywords across the search engine.

Depending on the country you have chosen, the widget will show you a list of searches along with search volume and other information in Notion itself. However, make sure to adjust the country before you finally add it.

Check out Google Trends Widget

16. Astro Charts Widget

Astro charts

The space holds a lot of answers for those who believe even the answers to our fate and future. If you’re a believer in Astrology and would like to have an Astro chart right by your side, there’s good news. The Astro Charts widget for Notion lets users add a customizable Astro chart to their Notion dashboard. Visit the link below, customize the chart to your liking, and insert it away.

Check out Astro Charts Widget

17. Ambient Sounds

17. Ambient Sounds

If you like to have a calm sound running in the background, Ambient Sound is the best place to get the Notion widget. You can play sounds like Rain, Thunder, Waves, Wind, Fire, Birds, etc. to make your experience breezy and calm. The good part is that you can set a timer and even mix various audio to create your custom sound.

Check Out Ambient Sounds

image gallery

Image Gallery is one of the best Notion widgets for it allows you to add your favorite photos and play them in a slideshow on your dashboard. There are many customization options including image sizing, animated gallery speed, background color, and more. You can also set dark and light modes according to your preference.

Check out Image Gallery

19. Countdown


The next Notion widget is Countdown which lets you create a countdown timer on your dashboard. It can be very helpful to users who want to keep track of their time on certain tasks. For boosting productivity, this is a must-have Notion widget in 2023. And since the widget is available on Indify, you can customize it endlessly.

Check Out Countdown

20. Counter


As the name suggests, Counter is a Notion widget that lets you keep a tally of just about anything. If you want an actionable widget that looks beautiful and can be interacted with, the Counter widget is for you. It’s also available on Indify and all you have to do is customize it and embed the link on your Notion widget. That’s all.

Check Out Counter

21. Button Widget

Button Widget

If you are like me and like to keep things tidy instead of cramming up your browser with tabs, this button widget for Notion is all you need. You can assign websites that you have to use every single day at work, or for study materials if you are a student. Instead of having to bookmark websites, you can simply assign buttons to these important websites and keep them just a tap away in notion. Additionally, it can come in super handy when making a document extra aesthetic. Overall, easily one of the best Notion widgets out there.

Check out Button Widget

22. Schedule Binder Widget

Schedule Binder Widget for Notion

Google Calendar sure is a great tool to keep track of your day-to-day schedule. However, sometimes, your Google Calendar may just seem way too crammed and full of events. You can eliminate all that unnecessary noise with the help of the Schedule Binder widget on Notion. This particular widget does not take the fancy route and chooses to be a straight-up, conventional-looking timetable. You can make the cleanest possible timetable with this, and even export or share it as you please.

Check out Schedule Binder Widget

23. Moon Phase Widget

Know daily Moon Phase with Notion widget

You are probably wondering what a Moon Phase Widget is doing on this list. However, if you are a nerd like me, you are most likely delighted to see this. This widget provides you with all the possible information you need about the various Moon Phases that take place on a daily basis. Moreover, the different moon phases have a unique impact on your energy, if you are into that kind of stuff. I’d say that this sure is an interesting widget to have on your Notion.

Check out Moon Phase Widget

How to Add Widgets in Notion?

Fortunately, adding Widgets in Notion is extremely easy since the notetaking app uses embed codes to insert widgets. So, all you have to do is copy the embed URL of the widget you are trying to add and insert it using a simple command in the Notion app. This command will work in the web and desktop versions of Notion, so feel free to add it anywhere.

If this sounds too confusing, have a look at the steps below where we demo how to add a weather widget to Notion. We will be using the weather widget from Indify (visit website), a plug-in repository for Notion that contains many attractive widgets. With that out of the way, see the steps to add a widget to your Notion docs below.

1. Open the Notion app or website and create a new page.

2. In another window, open the widget page and Copy the Embed URL from the widget you are trying to add. If you are using Indify, it will look like the one below.

  • 23 Best Notion Widgets You Should Try
  • 23 Best Notion Widgets You Should Try

3. Once copied, go back to your Notion document and type /embed (Forward Slash). Choose the first option from the list that appears.

Embed option notion

4. Then, paste the link in the text box that appears and click Embed Link to add the widget to your Notion document.

Embed Widget Notion

And that’s it! The selected widget will now load, and you will see it in the document itself. You can use the widget’s borders to resize it according to your needs and play around with it. You can repeat the above steps to add as many widgets as you wish.

Installed Widget

Where to Find More Notion Widgets

While we have listed out the best widgets you can equip your Notion dashboard with, be sure to check out websites like Apption (visit website) to get the full loadout of widgets. While websites like Indify (visit website) have a limited selection of widgets, it makes up for that with its high-quality and beautiful animations. Users looking for more intuitive widgets can also check out the WidgetBox website.

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