10 Best Lenovo K8 Note Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Lenovo recently launched its latest budget smartphone, the Lenovo K8 Note and it’s yet another great smartphone from the company. The budget phone, starts at Rs. 12,999 (~$200), and packs in the MediaTek Helio X23 processor, Mali-T880 MP4 GPU, 4000 mAh battery, dual cameras and more. Plus, it has a metal design that surely makes it look premium. Having said that, a metal body can be pretty susceptible to scratches and scruffs. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your newly purchased device to sport a scruff mark. Well, the best way to avoid them is by using a case. So, to make it easier for you to decide, here are the 10 best Lenovo K8 Note cases and covers that you can buy:

1. TheGiftKart Ultra Thin Transparent Lenovo K8 Note Cover

If you want to protect your Lenovo K8 Note from scuffs and scratches without doing away with the way it looks on the back, then the TheGiftKart Ultra Thin clear cover is your best option. Made from high-grade TPU, it is a lightweight, transparent cover that comes with an anti-scratch coating. This coating is applied to prevent wear and tear from long-term use of this cover. As for the build, it fits perfectly on your phone and the cut-outs are precisely made so that you can access all the buttons comfortably. Moreover, the cover protects your smartphone from all the sides, so you don’t have to worry about any edge being left uncovered.

TheGiftKart Ultra Thin Transparent Cover

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 349)

2. ZYNK Tough Back Case with Stand for Lenovo K8 Note

If you are looking for a case that is rigid as well as comes with a stand to hold your phone upright, then ZYNK Tough Back Case with Stand is what you’re looking for. It’s built from a premium quality and fits perfectly on your Lenovo K8 Note. Though the case is a bit bulky, the protection that it offers compensates for that well enough. Moreover, its thickness is not as much as you’d imagine it to be; rather, it is just enough to cover the camera bump of your phone. If you find yourself dropping your phone often or you work under extreme conditions, this is the best case you can buy to protect your phone.

ZYNK Tough Back Case with Stand

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 299)

3. Case U Rugged Armor Back Cover for Lenovo K8 Note

Case U Rugged Armor Back Cover is a lightweight cover for your Lenovo K8 Note made from TPU. It has everything you could ask for – rigidity, style, and appeal. Once you cover your phone with this, you would have to worry less about getting scratches on your priced possession caused as a result of unfortunate drops. Also, with its slightly raised lips on the front of the phone, the screen will be well-protected in case of a flat drop. Moreover, with the rubberized texture of the cover, the likeliness of dropping your phone is itself reduced. Last but not the least, you get a 3-month warranty from Case U on this product.

Case U Rugged Armor Back Cover for Lenovo K8 Note

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 599)

4. ZYNK Case Flip Cover for Lenovo K8 Note

Flip covers! Some of us like them, some of us – well, not so much. If you’re among the former group, then the ZYNK Case flip cover is undoubtedly one of the best ones that you can get right now for your Lenovo K8 Note. It is made from leather and hence, you get a firm grip over it while holding it. Being a flip cover, you naturally get a 360° protection for your smartphone. A lot of dust is also prevented from getting accumulated over your phone’s screen. The cover gets magnetically locked, thus keeping your phone safe.

ZYNK Case Flip Cover

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 249)

5. ZYNK Rugged Armor Shock Proof Case for Lenovo K8 Note

Like Case U Rugged Armor Back Cover, ZYNK Rugged Armor Shock Proof Case is a smart-looking case for your Lenovo K8 Note. One important thing to be noted here is it weighs 91 g as compared to the 18 g of the former. Though ZYNK hasn’t provided any specific reason for the extra bulk, I am guessing that it makes the case more sturdy and prone to drops. As you’d expect by now, the case offers full protection for your phone with a slightly raised lip on the front for better protection against flat drops. If you prioritize protection over weight, then I’d recommend you to buy this one.

ZYNK Rugged Armor Shock Proof Case

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 349)

6. Chevron Hybrid Armor Design Hard Case for Lenovo K8 Note

Chevron Hybrid Armor Hard Case spells style. That being said, it is rigid and offers 360° protection as well. It comes with a stand that you can set up to watch movies in landscape mode. The case is scratch and fingerprint-resistant and can be washed in case you find it getting dirty. You will notice that there are tactile buttons that cover the buttons on your phone and can be easily pressed. Chevron also offers a 3-month warranty for this product. The only downside of this case is that it is a hard case and hence, may not be as efficient to impacts.

Chevron Hybrid Armor Design Detachable Case

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 599)

7. Mobizworld Rubber Silicone Lenovo K8 Note Cover

As the name suggests, this case is a rubber case and hence cannot break. It is made from a high-quality durable PU material. With this, your phone will be well-protected while the cover absorbs all the shocks and impacts that your phone may suffer through. Also, you get a firm grip over your phone without worrying about any dirt collection or fingerprint marks. The cuts on the cover are precisely made so you can get an easy access to all the buttons. One thing that I would suggest if you use this cover is to remove it while charging your phone for proper heat dissipation. Apart from that, it is a steal at the price that it comes.

Mobizworld Rubber Silicone Cover

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 198)

8. Sun Tigers Lenovo K8 Note Back Cover Case

Simple yet effective, the Sun Tigers Back Cover case is a double-layered case that claims to absorb even the most ultimate shocks that your phone may suffer. The case is highly flexible and can be easily cleaned using a microfiber cloth. The cuts are precisely made and hence, leave all the ports on your phone to be easily accessed by you. Though it is a bit bulky for a case, it is one of the best cases on this list in terms of protection. If you don’t mind the extra weight, this is the case that you want.

Sun Tigers Back Cover Case

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 259)

9. TheGiftKart Rugged Matte Finish Lenovo K8 Note Cover

Another cover from TheGiftKart, this cover is made from the top-grade TPU material, so your phone will be well-protected against any scruffs or scratches. You can carry your phone without any worries as long as you have it protected with this cover. The cuts are precisely made so that you can access all the buttons easily with a natural feel. The cover will fit perfectly on your phone. It also prevents the camera bump from touching any surface directly. It is another one of those covers which have a great value for money.

TheGiftKart Rugged Matte Finish Cover

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 355)

10. CarryWrap Crystal Clear Case for Lenovo K8 Note

To end this list, here is another transparent cover in the form of CarryWrap Crystal Clear Case for Lenovo K8 Note. It is a lightweight case that fits comfortably on your Lenovo K8 Note. This case gives you the protection that you’d expect from any case while not adding much bulk. Your phone will be well-protected from all the sides. The only cuts that you’ll find are precisely made for you to access the buttons comfortably. The case might cost less, but it sure does protect your phone from may possible scratches that it can get from dropping it.

CarryWrap Crystal Clear Case

Buy from Amazon: (Rs. 198)

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The Best Lenovo K8 Note Cases and Covers You Can Buy

Our smartphones are one of our most priced possessions. To keep their look and feel intact, we must take good care of it and protect it with a case or cover. Now that you know about some of the best cases that you can get for your Lenovo K8 Note, your phone is bound to be well-protected in any one of them. So which one did you choose? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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