5 Best Funny Weather Apps for iPhone and Android

When tracking weather forecasts every day seemed to become a mundane task, I wished to add some fun elements into the mix so that the usual chore wouldn’t appear to be a routine affair. While I was already aware of the humorous weather apps, I didn’t know they could make tracking weather conditions so amusing until I gave them a shot. With tongue-in-cheek quotes presenting the weather info, they never fail to tickle the funny bones. Oh, they also have a boatload of double-faced phrases designed to trigger laughter! If my praises sound hyperboles coming straight from a thunderstorm, better take a glance at these best funny weather apps for iPhone and Android devices.

Best Funny Weather Apps for iOS and Android

When life is already burdened by ever-mounting workloads, why let the volatile weather dampen your spirit? A few comical quotes can light up the entire mood in the flash of a few moments. Aside from refreshing the mind, these crazy weather apps also offer a lot of customization so that you get a more personalized experience. What else have they got in store? To unravel everything they feature, let’s explore the roundup!

1. Carrot Weather

Whenever the term “funny weather” strikes the mind, the one name that comes to the fore is “Carrot Weather”. And rightly so as the app is widely considered as one of the best weather apps on iPad, iPhone, and Android. What makes it stand out of the rest is the eye-catching interface that presents weather forecasts in a funny way. Whether it’s the spooky fog, hilarious dialogue or the crazy characters, the app ensures tracking weather forecasts never become a mundane task.

Carrot weather

Beyond fun elements, Carrot Weather delivers accurate data and allows you to keep a track of current, hourly or daily weather forecasts. And if you ever want to turn the clock back, there is a time machine for you. Didn’t get it? Well, you can use the time machine feature to view the weather for any location for up to 70 years.

Carrot weather for Android

What’s more, Carrot Weather offers a ton of customization so that you can personalize the entire interface in line with your taste. Not to mention the ability to hunt down more than 50 locations and unlock a lot of achievements by experiencing weather events. Long story, this one is designed to make weather forecasts tracking fun-loving.

Pricing: Free for Android, $4.99 for iOS (in-app purchases available to unlock extra features)

Install: Android and iOS

2. HumorCast

If Carrot Weather claims to be ahead in the funny-weather game, “HumorCast” isn’t behind in the battle either. Yeah, you heard it right! Just take a look at the interface and the forecast presentation and you would love to give it a chance. Probably, the best part about this app is the truckload of side-splitting quotes that ensure tracking environmental information never becomes a boring affair.

HumorCast awesome funny weather app

Powered by Dark Sky, HumorCast provides accurate weather reports, enabling you to track every minuscule info that matters to you. Just in case you love customization, you have hundreds of really cool backgrounds to deck up the entire appearance of the weather reports. As someone who has a penchant for personalization, I have loved putting my hands on them.

Fun loving HumorCast weather app

That’s not all, you can get this funny weather app without having to shell out any bucks. But do keep in mind, HumorCast won’t let you run away with all the goodies for free! Price aside, it can comfortably walk into the collection of the top weather app not only for iOS but also for Android. 

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available

Install: Android and iOS

3. Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather

Ever wished to have grumpy weather forecasts to keep the boredom out of sight? If the straightforward answer is yes, “Grumpy Cat’s Funny Weather” is for you. With this app at the disposal, your weather tracking will no longer be a dull experience thanks to the tongue-in-cheek comments. For instance, if the thunderstorm is likely to rock your region, you will get a quote something like, “Rain, rain, don’t go away. Come back every day!” Wouldn’t that bring plenty of smiles to your face? Most probably, yes.

Grumpy Cat's Funny Weather

Aside from the crazy quotes, the app has a super handy animated radar to keep you in the loop about weather changes. You can check the 7-day weather forecast and monitor hourly weather to avoid getting stuck in bad weather. Not to mention, a solid collection of wallpapers that let you give a custom look to the dashboard. Add to that the free price-tag (of course with some limitations) and Grumpy cat seems to be a great pick.

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available

Install: Android and iOS

4. What The Forecast?!!

When you have an amusing weather app, keeping an eye on weather reports becomes a pleasing experience. The app has a nice style of presenting weather forecasts. So, even if you might be surrounded by bad weather, tracking the weather reports wouldn’t seem to be a disappointing affair. With an ever-growing library of over 9607 phrases, the app always seems to have something out of the box to invoke smiles or even trigger laughter.

What's the forecast?

The daily forecasts for 10 days and hourly for 48 hours ensure you remain updated with all the vital information. Another feature worth mentioning is the ability to listen to weather reports in different voices. Times when you don’t want to give discomfort to your eyes or feel more comfortable to listen to reports, this feature would become quite handy.

Lastly, What’s The Forecast? comes for free with some limitations. But if you ever want to take the full cake, you can always unlock it through the in-app purchases. In a nutshell, it’s one of the best funny weather apps for both iOS and Android.

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available

Install: Android and iOS

5. The Funny Weather

When it comes to presenting weather reports in a funny way, this weather app is as good as any out there. Don’t believe me? Unravel its thousands of weather phrases to figure out how cool it really is. From sarcastic phrases to comical ones, it has got both variety and comic sense to keep you on the guessing.

The funny weather app sarcastic and humorous

The app imports weather information from Dark Sky so it’s up to the mark when it comes to accuracy. It provides a seven-day forecast and also offers predictions about the current conditions. Depending on your needs, you can add multiple locations to monitor the weather of your favorite regions with ease. Do note that while this app is available free, you will need to dole out some bucks if you wish to unlock all the cool phrases including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Star Wars and more.

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available

Install: iOS

Bonus: Fu*** Weather

Well, all I can say about this funny weather app is that it can kill you with an intriguing sense of humor. It has a knack of presenting weather reports in a special way. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are under the grip of thunderstorms or surrounded by a clear sky, the amusement would continue to keep you on the end – pretty much like Netflix comedy shows!

Funny Weather app for Android

Apart from dishing out funny quotes, the app also does a good job of offering detailed weather conditions. And with the hourly weather conditions, it keeps you in the loop so that you won’t get caught in the bad weather. As it offers full-on customization, you also have the freedom to fine-tune everything in line with your taste. Even though the app is available for free, unlocking features like the two-week forecast will require you to go for the in-app purchase.

Pricing: Free, in-app purchases available

Install: Android

Choose the Top Funny Weather Apps for Android and iOS

Told you, these apps can kill you with an amazing sense of humor, didn’t I? Now that you have got the taste of funny weather apps for your iOS or Android titan, get the most out of them to bring a lot of humor into weather tracking. By the way, which one is going to be your automatic choice and why?

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