10 Best DocuSign Alternatives You Can Try in 2019

12 Best DocuSign Alternatives You Can Use

When it comes to signing and managing agreements, DocuSign excels in most aspects. With predefined templates and smart automation tools, the software not only offers customization, but also accelerates the process of accessing, signing, and sending documents. However, not everything is good here. There are several drawbacks like the clunky process of template creation and lack of good reporting features. The app also warrants a pretty solid price tag ($10/month) which cane be too high for personal or basic usage. So, to help you easily find out a better option, I have lined up the 12 best DocuSign alternatives which you can try in 2020.

Best DocuSign Alternatives You Should Use in 2020

A few tips to help you choose a better e-signature app for your personal or business needs:

Which E-Signature App Will Suit Your Needs Better?

There are a variety of e-signature apps in the market. While some apps are specifically designed to simplify the whole process of e-signing docs, others are primed to offer maximum flexibility with a ton of customization. And then, there are the ones that go well beyond the basic e-signing functionalities just like DocuSign.

If you are in quest of an app for personal or basic usage, go for the freemium models that provide most of the basic tools and features. But if you are on the lookout for the best e-signature apps like DocuSign for your business, I have picked out some of the most versatile and feature-packed e-signature software that can meet high demands with aplomb.

Don’t want to end up with an unsuitable software? Start with a free trial before going for the full-fledged model. Now that the talk is over, let’s find out what these similar apps like DocuSign have in store for you, shall we?

1. Adobe Sign

To start off this extensive roundup on a good note, I would like to put “Adobe Sign” right at the top of this lineup. Formerly known as EchoSign, the electronic document signature software is versatile just like DocuSign, and can prove to be a boon for your productivity. What makes it stand out is the ability to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes seamlessly; thereby saving plenty of your valuable time.

The cloud-based service offers a pretty simple e-sign solution for both individuals and teams. The business plan is designed to suit the demand of large teams and organizations. Just like DocuSign, it also offers integrations with major services including Dropbox, Salesforce, Workday, and Box, allowing you to carry out your tasks conveniently.

Adobe Sign

In terms of compatibility, Adobe Sign is a touch better than DocuSign as the former offers a high-quality app for macOS – unlike the latter. Even better, Adobe Sign also works more efficiently with Microsoft’s apps like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. Price-wise, the battle is quite even-steven ($9.99/month vs $10/month).

So, if you are hunting for a highly competent DocuSign alternative that works a bit more proficiently with Microsoft’s suite of apps and also gets the most out of macOS, Adobe’s cloud-based e-signature service should be a better option for you.


  • Send, sign, track, and manage signature processes seamlessly
  • Offers integrations with major services
  • Works more efficiently with Microsoft’s apps


  • As costly as DocuSign
  • Update issues

Platform Availability: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and web

Pricing: 14-day free trial, $9.99 for individual users. $34.99/month for the Small Business Plan and $39.99/ month for standard Business plan. 

Visit: Website 

2. PandaDoc

If you are looking for DocuSign alternatives that can help your sales teams eSign proposals, quotes, and contracts more proficiently, “PandaDoc” has to be your top pick. For those unfamiliar, it’s actually a document automation software with built-in electronic signatures. So, it’s much more than just an ordinary electronic document signature tool.

To me, the best part about this software is a huge library of templates that can let you create a variety of documents like proposals and contracts faster. Moreover, you can choose from several elegantly designed themes to make your documents look more pleasing to the eyes.


Another area where PandaDoc has a clear edge over DocuSign is the ability to offer highly user-friendly metrics regarding several vital things like proposal revenue generated, the number of completed docs, and more.

Plus, you can also keep a track of crucial info like the deals that are about to be closed and the recipients that have been engaged to stay in sync. And with the real-time notifications, it keeps you in the loop with all the major changes. Better yet, it also provides super handy integrations with CRM so that the team’s proposals never get stuck in limbo

While everything about this software sounds pretty good, it’s the high-price that could turn off most folks. Nonetheless, should your priority lies with empowering your sales teams to deliver the goods for you, it can live up to your expectations.


  • Help sales teams eSign proposals, quotes, and contracts more proficiently
  • Offer highly user-friendly metrics
  • Integrations with CRM
  • Huge library of templates


  • Doesn’t offer SharePoint and Salesforce integration
  • Steep learning curve
  • Expensive

Platform Availability: Web platform, iOS, and Android

Pricing:14-day free trial, $19 /user/month for essential, $49/user/month for business

Visit: Website 

3. Wondershare SignX

When it comes to signing tons of business documents faster, “Wondershare SignX” is at par with the very best in the business. So, if you think that DocuSign isn’t able to deal with your requirements efficiently and you want to have a more competent electronic document signature service, it should be a safe way to go.

One of my favorite features of this software is “bulk send” which makes it incredibly straightforward to send a document to several signers and have them sign the docs with ease. Another feature that has caught my eyes in this app is the ability to manage multiple users in the admin account without any hassle.

Wondershare SignX

When you wish to simplify the whole process and also save plenty of time by cutting down slack, the reusable templates could prove to be extremely handy. Based on your demand, you can also customize the templates to not only promote your brand better but also make the doc look attractive.

In this aspect, SignX appears to be more in line to suit the personalized requirements. Furthermore, it also provides the strongest commercial SSL encryption protocols to safeguard your docs against unauthorized access.

More importantly, Wondershare SignX also offers a free version with some limitations like 5 document sending and email notifications. Priced at $6.99 for the premium version, it’s both one of the best free and cheaper alternatives to DocuSign.


  • Ability to manage multiple users
  • Reusable templates
  • Bulk send
  • The strongest commercial SSL encryption


  • No mobile apps
  • At times, the bulk sending feel slow 

Platform Availability: Web platform 

Pricing: Free, $6.99/user/month (billed annually), $154.34 for enterprise 

Visit: Website 

4. SignRequest

Should you put simplicity and ease of use right at the top of your priority list, “SignRequest” can be worth checking out. Apart from being exceptionally user-friendly for boosting digital signing workflow, it’s also cheaper than many of its noted counterparts including DocuSign.

You can use this software to easily draw signatures, upload new ones, and also get some ready-made signatures. Besides, you will be able to store your entire electronically signed documents in one place and manage them in a way that works best for you and your entire team.


To further simplify the process of signing docs, it also lets you integrate the app’s API  with your website or CRM system. So, times when you have plenty of docs to sign, the tool will be just a click away. From the productivity point of view, it could turn out to be a game-changer.

Though SignRequest can’t match the massive library of templates offered in DocuSign, it shouldn’t disappoint you. It’s worth noting that SignRequest offers a pretty good free version that includes decent features like 10 docs per month, Google integrations, and a secure audit trail. Keeping these features in mind, SignRequest can easily stake the claim of being one of the finest free DocuSign alternatives in the market.


  • Easily manage signatures
  • A good set of ready-made signatures 
  • Integrate the app’s API  with your website or CRM system
  • Affordable


  • Lacks impressive templates 
  • No mobile apps
  • Lacks modern interface and advanced tracking features 

Platform Availability: Web platform 

Pricing: Free, $7/user/month

Visit: Website 

5. HelloSign

“HelloSign” is the sort of electronic signature software that ticks of most boxes which makes it easily one of the best DocuSign alternatives on the market. Whether you want to sign multiple documents securely and fast or request signatures from several people (up to 20), it offers you both the needed flexibility and convenience to get your work done immaculately.

What has called for my attention in this app is the option to keep track of the progress of the document with the very helpful status notifications that keep you posted.


Using team management tools, you can add and remove team members with ease. Besides, you will also be able to add a logo, branding, and tagline to give a pro look and feel to your doc. When you wish to automate repetitive signature requests to save time, the ever-growing library of a wide range of templates will prove to be immensely helpful to you.

In terms of versatility, HelloSign’s roster of templates can outshine DocuSign’s offerings. So, if templates play a pivotal role for you, it should be an obvious choice for you. What’s more, it uses SSL encryption during file transit to provide bank-level security to your files. Unlike DocuSign, it offers a freemium version with basic features but the premium version is a bit more expensive – $15/month.


  • Pretty easy to use
  • Automate repetitive signature requests
  • Uses SSL encryption during file transit
  • Keep track of the progress of the document


  • The freemium version is very limited 
  • The premium variant is more expensive 

Platform Availability: Web platform iOS and Android

Pricing: Free, $13/ month for basic and $24/month for enterprise 

Visit: Website 

6. SignEasy

highly efficient electronic signature software like SignEasy deserves to find a place in this collection. Both in terms of reliability and top-of-the-line features, it can compete with DocuSign. Despite being feature-rich, it seems less demanding than its famed rival. So, even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you can comfortably get a good hang of everything it has to offer.


To ensure you are always in the loop, the software provides an intuitive document status tracking feature. And with the real-time reminders, it keeps you ideally in line with what matters most to you. It also provides smart eSigning API to automate and streamline your workflows which can help you double down productivity.

Moreover, just like DocuSign, it’s also available for both iOS and Android devices to let you manage your docs right from your fingertips. In fact, SignEasy has the highest-rated Android and iOS apps of all the options mentioned on this list, which showcases its mobile prowess.


  • Provides an intuitive document status tracking feature
  • Smart eSigning API
  • Highly efficient


  • Lacks SharePoint and Salesforce integration

Platform Availability: Web platform, iOS, and Android. 

Pricing: 14-day free trial, starts at $149/user/year

Visit: Website 

7. oneflow

Simply put, “oneflow” has long been a robust electronic signature software tailormade for business. If a flexible template and HTML features are on top of your demand, you can’t go wrong with it. In a nutshell, it’s your one-stop platform for creating, sending, and tracking e-signing docs. And with the full-on customization on offer, you can personalize the software to suit your needs better.

Using interactive proposals and contracts, you can bolster your sales and also be able to close deals more proficiently. Wish to make some quick changes to the sent contracts? No problem. The software can also let you easily make the necessary changes to the sent contracts without having to upload or send a new one.


Another department where oneflow outsmarts Docusign is the option to keep an eye on the status contracts by letting you check out whether the recipients have viewed, modified, or downloaded them.

In terms of price, the former is more than four times as expensive as the latter. However, if your business demands more tailor-made software to take control of e-signing and get more interactive proposals, it should be a fairly good option.


  • One-stop platform for creating, sending, tracking, e-signing docs
  • Tracks the status of contracts smartly 
  • Interactive proposals and contracts


  • Comparatively expensive
  • No mobile apps

Platform Availability: Web platform 

Pricing: 14-day trial, around $40/month (billed annually)

Visit: Website 

8. DocHub

“DocHub” is designed for the folks who want to have a comparatively cheap alternative to DocuSign. Though it’s nowhere near as feature-packed as the latter, it comes with almost all the tools to let you not only annotate PDFs but also sign documents without costing an arm and a leg.

With the help of this software, you can add text, draw, and also add signatures conveniently. The e-signature software has a simple and neat interface that’s pretty easy to handle.


One of my favorite features of this app is the ability to make custom document templates, which are great for a more personalized experience. Just like its more famed counterpart, it is also fully integrated with several popular services including Google Drive, Dropbox, Gmail, and Box.

Unlike DocuSign, it’s available for free with limitations like 2000 docs, 5 eSignatures, and 3 sign requests As for the premium version, it starts at just $4.99/user/month. Taking everything into account, DocHub is a notable free and cheaper substitute for DocuSign.


  • Annotate PDFs but also sign documents
  • Add text, draw and also add signatures
  • More personalized experience
  • Integrated with several popular services including Dropbox


  • Doesn’t offer advanced custom branding feature

Platform Availability: Web platform 

Pricing: Free, $4.99/user/month (billed annually)

Visit: Website 

9. SignNow

Whether you want a reasonably good electronic signature software for your personal needs or for your business, you should check out “Sign Now”. As someone who always appreciates customization, I have found this tool pretty good. Like DocuSign, it also provides the required flexibility to let you adjust everything in line with your needs.


Thus, it can seamlessly fit into your workflows. Thanks to the integration with a number of services and apps such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Egnyte, Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft SharePoint, Box, G Suite, and Google Drive, the signature software, just like DocuSign, ensure all of your files are easily available to you across the platforms.

As for security, it provides trusted protection to your files which is definitely at par with its more famed rival offers. Lastly, Sign Now comes at a bit lower price ($8/month) than its more popular counterpart, which makes it a better option for those who want an affordable electronic signature software.


  • Integration with a number of services
  • Provides trusted protection
  • Provides trusted protection


  • Lacks versatility
  • UI and UX look lees appealing

Platform Availability: Web platform 

Pricing: 30-day free trial, 8/user/month for business and $15/user/month for business plan

Visit: Website 

10. RightSignature

As an electronic signature app, “RightSignature” has a lot to offer. But I would talk about its three mains features that make it a top-notch substitute for DocuSign. First and foremost, it provides a much better team-wide collaboration than DocuSign. For instance, you can quickly share templates with your team and also be able to view statistics as well as generate reports.


As far as integration with most popular services is concerned, RightSignature is not behind in the race either as it works seamlessly with Google, ShareFile, SalesForce, Dropbox, and many other notable services.

On the customization front, it is on par – courtesy a range of impressive tools. On top of all, it also excels in providing a bank-level shield to your data 256-bit SSL encryption. Overall, it is one of the best DocuSign alternatives on the market right now.


  • Much better team-wide collaboration
  • Integrated with may services 
  • 256-bit SSL encryption


  • Comparatively less customization 
  • Doesn’t seem to fully justify the relatively high price tag 

Platform Availability: Web app, iOS, and Android

Pricing: 14-day free trial, 12/user/month for standard and $60/3 team members/month

Visit: Website 

11. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign puts more emphasis on providing a legally-binding and compliant digital signatures. Designed for both small and large organizations, the eSignature solution delivers a hassle-free signing experience.

Featuring a solid collection of templates, layouts, and text tags that come in handy for frequently used docs, the software lets you set up signature and field placements to speed up document e-signing. Plus, the ability to manage role-based signing rules with the help of groups and permissions and the straightforward way to delegate as well as share requests for signatures play a vital role in enhancing productivity. These notable features make it a viable alternative to DocuSign for those willing to have a productivity-centric e-signing solution.

OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign offers full-on customization, allowing you to customize workflows, screens, and notifications. Thus, you will always feel in control of the entire eSigning process. On the customization front, it looks a little better than DocuSign. So, if you don’t get much room for personalization in DocuSign, OneSpan Sign could be the right eSignature solution for you.

OneSpan Sign also offers handy integrations with third-party services such as Salesforce, Pegasystems, LaserFiche, SharePoint, Box, Dynamics CRM, and Office 365. Therefore, you can get most of your work done right from one spot. The company provides API and SDK solution for enterprise-level brands so that you can white-label OneSpan Sign and repackage it as part of your own product.

Being fully compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, SOC2 Type II, HIPAA, FedRAMP, it also offers the essential safeguard to your signatures. Taking everything into account, OneSpan Sign is a feature-rich alternative to DocuSign.


  • a solid collection of templates, layouts, and text tags
  • Manage role-based signing rules
  • Fully compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017
  • A straightforward way to delegate and share requests for signatures


  • Doesn’t support uploads from Google Drive
  • Doesn’t offer a free trial
  • Expensive

Platform Availability: Web app, iOS, and Android

Pricing: $20/user/month (paid annually)

Visit: Website 

12. Qwilr

Putting more emphasis on simplicity and ease of use, Qwilr is an able alternative to DocuSign. The eSignature solution comes with a simple yet pretty efficient editor and a wide range of templates. Thus, giving a personalized look to your proposals so that they can look impressive isn’t a big deal.

Unlike DocuSign, Qwilr has a clutter-free interface that you can fine-tune in line with your needs. Besides, the neat UI also requires way less learning curve than that of the DocuSign’s clunky interface. Notably, Qwilr pages look more interactive and mobile-responsive.


Depending on the specific theme, you can embed video, Google Maps, and calendars to make your proposals appear dynamic. With the handy page notifications, it keeps you informed about when your document is viewed and accepted.

The smart analytics offer better insight into how well your documents are received, ensuring you remain fully informed about both the pros and cons. Apart from offering useful analytics, Qwilr also packs a solid punch on the integration front.

If DocuSign claims to deliver seamless integrations with notable third-party tools, Qwilr is equally competent. The integrations with services like Slack, HubSpot, Salesforce, Xero, and Slack play a key role in enhancing your productivity. Overall, it’s a top-notch equivalent to DocuSign, so you shouldn’t fail to try it out if you are on the lookout for a more dynamic e-Signature solution.


  • Simple editor
  • A wide range of professionally designed templates 
  • Pretty neat interface and mobile-responsive 
  • Smart analytics


  • Slack integration doesn’t always work smoothly 
  • Doesn’t offer a freemium version 
  • Quite expensive

Platform Availability: Web-based 

Pricing: $75/3 users/month, $490/10 users/month

Visit: Website 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free version of DocuSign?

Yes. DocuSign does offer a free edition that you can use to sign as many documents as you want. Besides, the freemium version also allows you to access your signed docs from DocuSign’s secure cloud storage.

Does DocuSign have any competitors?

Yes, DocuSign has quite a few notable competitors including Adobe Sign and PandaDoc.

What is the difference between DocuSign and Adobe Sign?

While Adobe Sign is mainly focused on streamlining signature workflows for small to large organizations, DocuSign puts more emphasis on legally binding documents designed for both individuals and global companies.

How do I create a free DocuSign document?

Creating a free DocuSign document is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is first sign up for the DocuSign free edition and then use the basic tools to create a design document.

Can you use DocuSign to sign a PDF?

Yes. DocuSign allows you to add electronic signatures to PDF documents with ease.

How do I DocuSign a PDF for free?

DocuSigning a PDF is just as straightforward. Simply, sign in to your DocuSign account and then click on the “Sign a document now” option. After that, upload your document and then drag and drop your online signature.

Choose the Best E-Signature DocuSign Alternatives

Having explored this roundup of the very similar e-signature apps like DocuSign and what each one of them has in store, you have most probably found the best app to replace DocuSign. But before you go on to test your favorite software to see how well it stacks up against your personal or business requirements, feel free to share your valuable feedback including the features that have caught your attention by writing in the comments section below.

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