12 Best AI Headshot Generators You Should Try in 2024

Even after such a long time online, artificial intelligence continues to soar steadily. From Bing becoming multimodal using GPT-4 to all the different ChatGPT alternatives, there are a lot of tools out there. While the use of AI is already expansive, there are new things we discover every day.

One of these is an AI headshot generator that can create professional workplace photos for you without even visiting a studio. So if you’re on the same level of laziness as me or want a professional headshot to spruce up your LinkedIn profile, check out these 12 best AI headshot generators that are a godsend. So without further ado, let’s begin.

1. HeadshotPro

We start our list with an AI headshot generator that lets users generate shots for both individual and team levels. Headshot Pro is an AI generator that offers a plethora of styles, backdrops, and shots for almost every need. The process itself is also quite simple.

a screenshot from AI headshot Pro

You begin by choosing a style that best represents you, forming a base for how your output photo will look like. Simply upload a collection of 8 to 12 photos of yourself. These can be selfies, candid shots, or even previous professional photos. Once done, simply wait for the AI photographer to generate a series of headshots that you can pick from. Once done, the service takes 2 hours on the starter plan that costs $29; you can now download 40 of these headshots and upload them away.

Try Headshot Pro (starts at $29)

2. Aragon AI

Even though Headshot Pro does a fairly good job, it only offers to change up to one style in its lowest tier. Aragon AI, however, takes that number by a fair margin. Aragon AI focuses on creating a custom AI face model based on the images you provide. However, that process begins quite like the one above.

A screenshot from Aragon AI service

To use this tool, users have to upload a minimum of 12 selfies with clear quality. Once done, Aragon runs through its process and outputs 40 AI-generated headshots in 120 minutes. That’s also a bit quicker to get the job done. While you will get your headshots in various styles, you can choose from 20+ different ones for even more customization. The starter plan begins at $29 and goes all the way up to $69 with an hour of turnaround time.

Try Aragon AI (starts at $29)

3. HotPot AI

HotPot is one of the most affordable AI headshot generators on this list, but it packs all the power nonetheless. Packaged around a simple website, HotPot offers up to 40 headshots at just $10. There is also a new $5 tier launching soon that you can be notified of. While the process is mostly simple, it could have been explained a bit better on their website.

a screenshot from HotPot AI

However, HotPot AI also promises that it only requires five photos as input instead of the standard 8-12. While the AI headshot creator doesn’t specify styles, there are a variety of them available, and the generators gives a variety of them in is output. Like other creators, it even changes the clothes up. Give HotPot AI a try, and let us know if you like this headshot generator.

Try HotPot AI (starts at $10)

4. Secta AI

Secta AI is one of the AI headshot generators that need over 25 images to create output. As such, it might be tedious for some of you. However, from the output image gallery we have seen, we would say it’s well worth the effort. We say this because, besides the vast number of styles, you also get 300+ images to choose from all combined with various clothes and scenery.

A screenshot from the Secta AI website showcasing their examples

Once the user uploads the 25 images, they are stored in a private gallery. Secta then uses these photos to create detailed yet believable headshots using their AI models. Furthermore, even though the service has just launched, it provides the generated AI headshots in less than an hour which is amazing. However, there is a steep price of $49 to pay as Secta AI doesn’t come with any other plan. Nonetheless, try it out.

Try Secta AI ($49)

5. ProPhotos AI

While most of these AI headshot generators do require professional-level sample photos, ProPhotos prides itself on its casual submission. Put simply, the generator can take shots of almost all types, including candid photos, casual selfies, and even Instagram-level shots. However, do note that ProPhotos does require a minimum input of 10 photos to begin processing your AI shots.

A screenshot from the ProPhotos website

Nonetheless, the process remains identical. The user uploads their photos, and the AI model begins training itself over 2-3 hours over your face. Once done, ProPhotos picks the best shots from the ones outputted, and the user gets these submissions. The number of photos you get depends on the plan. ProPhotos AI only has two tiers with either 40 or 80 AI headshots. The former tier starts at $25.

Try ProPhotos AI (starts at $25)

6. InstaSize

InstaSize is popular for its photo-editing capabilities on smartphones, and now, it has added an AI Headshot Generator as well. The best part is that it offers mobile apps for Android and iOS so you can easily generate AI headshots on your smartphone. It can generate a wide range of headshots including profile pictures, business headshots, highly realistic portraits, and more.


For entrepreneurs, freelancers, or professionals, InstaSize is a great tool to generate professional headshots. Besides that, it lets you explore various styles, change the backdrop, change your personality, and more. All in all, if you are looking for a free AI headshot generator for Android or iOS, InstaSize is worth the look.

Try InstaSize (Free, offers in-app purchases)

7. AirBrush

AirBrush is another great AI headshot generator which can create professional-looking headshots within minutes. This service is specifically aimed at people who want to generate corporate-style headshots. In addition, it allows users to customize the headshots with a wide range of backgrounds and clothing.

AirBrush AI Headshot Tool

No matter what outfit you need, AirBrush can instantly help you generate it. All you have to do is select your headshot style, upload your selfies in different angles and it will generate great-looking headshots within 60 minutes. Having said all of that, the service is paid only and the Test plan starts at $4.99 for 5 headshots.

Try AirBrush (Starts at $4.99)

8. PFP MakerAI

If you’re aware of what is the Lensa AI app and how it works, then you must be drawing similarities about now. Piggybacking off the same technology, these AI headshot generators apply filters to give about the same result. However, PFPMaker takes more liberty with the field. Instead of sticking to professional headshots, users can opt for a creative category too.

a screenshot from PFPMaker AI

However, this works in the same way. You just need to upload your standard photos and then select up to 15 different styles. Once done, get one of the paid tiers that starts at $9 for the creative mode and $15 for the professional one. Users can even go for higher tiers to get over 240+ photos and experiment with styles even further.

Try PFPMaker AI (starts at $9)

9. Fotor AI Headshot Generator

You might have heard of Fotor from our list of the best AI art generators. Well, for those who weren’t aware, Fotor has also launched an AI headshot generator that carries forward the same level of beauty and vividness to headshots. While Fotor mentions that you get five free credits for free AI headshots, that didn’t work for us.

A screenshot from Fotor AI's website

Besides that, however, Fotor does quite a good job of taking everyday photos and converting them into headshots. However, that is not where its strength lies. This handy AI headshot maker also has a built-in text-to-headshot generator too. This means that instead of being at the mercy of the AI model, you can simply upload your photos and, with them, text descriptions to get that exact customized look. Fotor has up-front plans with prices starting from $8.99 for 50 headshots and 5 styles. Check it out.

Try Fotor AI (starts at $8.99)

10. Profilebakery

It’s quite clear that most people who require AI headshots do so for professional circles and platforms. Profilebakery realizes that and goes beyond photos. The core service of this generator remains the same. The user is required to upload a minimum of six photos, with ideally a set of 10. Once done, Profilebakery runs them through its AI technology and gives output headshots in about two hours.

A screenshot from ProfileBakery

Since the focus is on the professional field, the output AI headshots will mostly be in business suits and formal attire. Once done, you can download these shots and use them anywhere you wish. However, Profilebakery goes beyond by pairing up CV templates, Job Kanban boards, and even a notice of termination template with the images for free. All of this is for $20, so we would say it’s quite a deal.

Try Profilebakery (starts at $20)

11. Dreamwave AI

Dreamwave AI is neither cheap nor quick. However, a lot of users still prefer it over other AI headshot generators. Part of this is because this handy generator produces images that are amazingly lifelike. While an experienced person still might identify them, the chances of that are quite low.

A screenshot from the official website about how Dreamwave AI works

Dreamwave has a single $40 tier and requires 8 photos for submission. Once done, the company automatically dishes out multiple photos in various styles for users to peruse through. While there is not a lot of room for customization, one can easily apply for a 14-day refund if the AI hasn’t been trained yet. Give it a try and see how you like Dreamwave AI.

Try Dreamwave AI ($40)

12. Tiktak Studio

Tiktak is an AI headshot maker that comes with upsides and downsides. The upside is that this generator is incredibly affordable, with the $5 plan giving 10 pictures. However, the downside is that these photos will take almost three days to get to you. If you can live with this tradeoff or are on a budget, then this is the one for you.

TikTak Studio Interface

The rest of the process is straightforward, with an equally simple website design. Just upload your photos, preview through the generated AI headshot albums, and once finalized, receive them through e-mail. Try Tiktak Studio out, and let us know what you think.

Try Tiktik Studio (starts at $.4.99)

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  • Sam says:

    I’ve found that Aragon photos were consistent, but lacked variety in type and setting. I tried headshottr.com and saw great results with variety.

  • Jeni says:

    I tried 4 different ones to compare!!

    HotPot AI – THE BEST AI HEADSHOTS I’VE EVER SEEN!!! Extremely affordable shocking the quality and variety given

    Fotorama – Results were terrible, Snap Chat’s filter to make you look like a portrait provides better quality. Very fake and unrealistic looking hardly even resembled my likeness at all.

    Airbrush is a scam! I paid, submitted days ago my portal says “still generating approx done in 2 hours” Its been in this status for 4 days. I have emailed their support, got on their Discord and opened a ticket and nothing. They just take your money and provide you nothing in return not even the courtesy of responding to email or Discord tickets!

    DreamWeave doesn’t have support evening or weekends, and their system clearly is not systemic as nothing comes outside of business’ hours. Yet their “magic access link” function does not work, after multiple requests the link never arrives.

  • Alex says:

    I’ve tested most of them, but based on my experience avatarcraft.ai is the best.

  • Johnny says:

    LevelUp headshots on iOS app store gives the best pictures and is the most affordable.

  • Dimitri says:

    Another great option is proaiheadshots.com. They were built by Ph.D. scientists from the University of Texas, Austin and start at only $24 per shoot!

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