Apple’s AI Features on iPhones Could Be Powered by Google Gemini After All

Apple google gemini features
In Short
  • Apple is actively negotiating with Google to build a Gemini Artificial Intelligence engine into an iPhone.
  • The Google partnership could help Apple to deliver a range of generative AI features on its devices.
  • While Apple and Google are actively negotiating, a final deal will not be announced until at least June.

Apple’s Generative AI features have been in the news for quite some time now, and people are waiting for it more than ever. Now, a recent report from Bloomberg points to a new story of Apple’s Generative AI plans. Apple and Google are actively negotiating to bake in Google’s Gemini Artificial Intelligence engine into iPhones.

Well, this could be one of the blockbuster deals that could shake up the AI industry. Apple and Google have been consistently ramping up their efforts in the AI space, and if they actually join hands, we might get to see some miracles. Also, it could be a game-changer for Google’s Gemini chatbot, considering the controversies in recent months.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook already confirmed that Apple’s Generative AI features will debut later this year. The company is making consistent efforts to bring several AI features to the upcoming iOS 18, based on its own models. However, those enhancements are focused on features that run on its devices, rather than the ones being delivered from the cloud, reports Gurman. So, the Google partnership could help deliver a range of generative AI features, including generating images, writing essays using a single text prompt, and other tasks that cannot be performed on-device.

While the latest round of negotiations sparks a lot of excitement, it also signals that Apple didn’t seem to have the solid AI technology to compete, let alone outpace its competition.

Since early last year, Apple has been reportedly testing its big language model – Ajax. Also, many employees had been given access to a basic chatbot dubbed Apple GPT. However, Gurman citing various sources states that “Apple’s AI technology remains inferior to tools from Google and other rivals”, so a partnership looks like a better option.

This deal could help Apple bring Gemini-powered AI features to its iPhone lineup. Now, that doesn’t mean Google won’t reap huge benefits. This deal could be a silver lining for Google’s Gemini AI chatbot. Thanks to Apple’s roughly 2 billion user base, Gemini could become the most used AI chatbot in the world. Not to forget, it can help Gemini to recover from its recent controversies as well.

The report states that while Apple and Google are actively negotiating, a final deal would not be announced until at least June when Apple usually holds its annual developer’s conference (WWDC). Gurman also states the possibility that Apple might eventually decide to use generative AI technology from another company, such as OpenAI or Anthropic.

No matter which route it takes, we’ll have to wait until June to get a clear idea of Apple’s Generative AI vision.

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